About Us

Welcome to PENCIL ONE Commercial Photography Studio, the professional product photography company to promote your Business


Professional commercial product photography studio in the USA


PENCIL ONE is an eCommerce commercial photography studio company located in the Great Boston area.

Our objective is to produce high-volume online photos of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Our photos are accepted by all major eCommerce platforms. We combine many years of experience in product photography with extensive knowledge of lighting and attention to detail.

Our skill in color correction, retouching, and image editing is second to none.

Upon choosing to work with us, we take our time to thoroughly understand your project so we can deliver the exact images your brand requires.

Our dedicated team of reliable, client-liaisons ensures easy communication between your company and ours on all of your projects.

The studio’s ability to handle high volume capacity ensures that your product’s true attributes will never be sacrificed no matter the number of photos that you may require.

Our developed, image-parameter process ensures consistency between your products, no matter how long the interval in between projects.

We look forward to achieving new standards of quality and professionalism working alongside one another.


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