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Friday, 22 December 2017 / Published in Blog

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For eCommerce that is. Winter is the quintessential season for shopping! Not only buying for yourself, but finding the perfect gift for others. The market is flooded with products, knock-offs and hottest buys of the season. So how does someone stand out with all this competition? Well, first you must look the part. Make sure your products stand out with beautiful, crisp and clean product photos. PENCIL ONE can help.


Holiday photos already done for this season? No worries, let us help you out next year. Our full-service photography studio can make your products pop in the crowd. Don’t feel bound to pixilated vendor photos or past photos that you weren’t 100% happy with. Your business deserves to shine. Be as bright as holiday lights with PENCIL ONE high resolution, color matched, ready to use and full use photos.


What better gift to your business than a brand-new outfit? Dress your products fabulously in high resolutions with a guaranteed fast turnaround time for fair prices. PENCIL ONE not only captures the most technical aspects of your products, but we can also show it in a real life setting to let your customers see it in their everyday lives. A strong brand image will increase the trust between the customer and your business, if your photos are honest, your customers will thank you!


Unsure how to start? No problem. Let PENCIL ONE treat you to the 5-star process. We are happy to answer your questions and help you succeed with advice from our creative professionals. Give the gift of increased sales, less work, less worry and a better brand image to your business this year. Say hello to PENCIL ONE and  see what we can offer you.

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Monday, 18 December 2017 / Published in Blog

When presenting your apparel products, showcasing the fit and flow are very important to getting happy and return customers. Flat lay photos just don’t cut it for a lot of consumers, they need to know how the product will look ON them, not hanging in a closet or sitting in a drawer. In today’s eCommerce market, there are multiple options open to businesses who wish to showcase their products on a human form. Mannequins, live models, and invisible mannequins each have their own good and bad traits, so it’s important to know which is right for your business.

Mannequins are the age-old tradition for apparel photographs. This type of photography is not only cost effective, but also creates a clear brand image across all product lines and allows a business to display their product in a uniform and clear way. Here at PENCIL ONE, we know the ins and outs of mannequin photos, and have a quick turn around of three to five business days so your business can have their product photos ready to be uploaded in no time. Whether its redoing your brand image or launching new products, we know the value of being consistent across all photos and pride ourselves on doing just that.

From a different perspective, having a human presence in your photos allows a customer to visualize how the products would actually look in an every day setting. It shows the folds and flow on someone who has moved and posed, and can allow a customer to visualize themselves in a product. These photos allow for a realism that is lost in mannequin photos. But choosing the right model, and dealing with contracts and the legal side of hiring a model can be a long process. That’s why we have our own contracted models ready to work with any type of product, all with varying ages and features perfect for helping push your specific brand image.
Using actual models however can not only an expensive, but also a time-consuming process, and the end result can leave your customers distracted by a face or arm gesture and not focused on your product. Invisible mannequins are a growing trend that allows businesses to show the realistic form and look of apparel, without the distractions of a human being. Flash sale sites like Amazon also love invisible mannequin shots as they abide by their white background requirements, so your business get to present your products in a unique and realistic way, without worrying about the shots going against the rules. Not every photography vendor is able to properly photography these types of photos. Most companies that are will charge double or triple the price for these types of photos as more effort goes into them than average mannequin photos. But here at PENCIL ONE we have streamlined the process and are able to offer our clients one of the most competitive rates on the market. We photograph, compile and edit your images so the end result is a beautiful, crisp, clear, invisible mannequin shot.

Regardless of the type of shot your business is looking for, there is no doubt that model photos can enhance a brand and draw in customers. And regardless of what kind of mannequin or model shot you are looking for, Pencil One is fully prepared to help your business stand out on the eCommerce market.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 / Published in Blog

In a world where even the largest pieces of furniture can be ordered online and shipped directly to your door, showing off those products before they reach your customer is more important than ever. PENCIL ONE eCommerce photography can help you do just that. From wall art to wardrobe, your products need informational shots that tell customers exactly what they are getting. Because who wants to pay for that return shipping anyway?


PENCIL ONE photos are not only color matched to the real product to reduce return rate, we also offer various room settings to showcase products so that your customers understand the size and utility as well. We have couches to present your finest throw pillows, walls to adorn with your décor and rooms to contain your cupboards. Let us style a set for you that best showcases your products in the real world.


On flash sale sites such as Amazon, you are required to have a certain number of basic shots to inform the customer. While these are an excellent way to describe the product in its technical form, people really enjoy getting more of an idea of how to style their furniture. With room settings and creative shots, we can help you showcase the potential of each product, and even show sets of items together in use promoting increased sales.


Not sure how to style your product? Leave it with us. We will gladly do all the legwork for you and walk you through the creative process from start to finish. Build your vision with us and make some rooms! Ask about our sets today and see what we can offer you.

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Thursday, 07 December 2017 / Published in Blog

Nothing is worse than searching and searching for an image, unable to find it because you can’t remember what it was named. As photographers, we know! So, let us take care of the organization and photos for you. Flash sale sites are done with customers and businesses who have their own unique and sometimes overcomplicated naming system.

That’s why sites like Amazon are now implementing a standard file naming system to simplify the process. So now not only are they changing what you can show in a photo, they are also making it so that in order to upload files, a business has to follow a very specific set of regulations, making the process more universal, and less customizable. Not only can we photograph your product up to standard with any flash sale site, we can do the file naming for you, just ask us!

If you don’t change and adapt with the platforms, you will not be able to upload your product photos.  These naming systems usual consist of the product identifier, the variety code, and the image type suffix.  Every white background photo, as well as the creative photos, will have to have its own unique suffix, and every product will have to have its own identifier and code. This many not be a problem with one or two products, but when you have multiple listings keeping track of every little file name can become quite the hassle.

That’s where we come in. PENCIL ONE not only services all your product photography needs, but we also take care of the entire naming system upon request for no extra charge. We are your one stop shop for all your eCommerce photos, and our highly skilled team is completely up to date on all the changing requirements on flash sale sites. Choosing PENCIL ONE Product Photography will not only give you the satisfaction of brand consistency, but will also keep away the headaches of dealing with all the small changes coming to the eCommerce market- you simply have to upload the images, we handle the rest.

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Monday, 27 November 2017 / Published in Blog

When trying to make your name in the eCommerce market, we all know the challenges of getting your product to stand out. Flashy photos and stylized shoots seem to be what every one is trying to push. But did you know that there are new rules and regulations that you need to follow when it comes to product photography?


Amazon and other flash sale sites have updated their furniture guidelines to specify specific, clear, informational shots of each product are needed first and foremost- no more flashy images and text bubbles as the first thing customers see! But with these guidelines how are you supposed to make your products stand out? The answer is simple: detail shots. After you meet the requirements for the informational shots, Amazon and other sites want you to show your customers the selling points and features of your specific product.


The new regulations specify that they want environment photos, in use shots, and finally a detail shot to showcase textures and unique designs that set your products apart. This is where your Vendor really comes in to play. Here at PENCIL ONE we know how to cater every shoot to first meet the informational shots Amazon requires, and then to bring in our creative sets and bring your products to life. We know that it is your textures and details that bring your customers back.


It is through clear, informational, and relatable photos that you draw your customers attention, and it is through the details that your customers know exactly what they are buying. Choosing PENCIL ONE Product Photography helps you ensure that all of your products are photographed with the same clarity and efficiency to unify your eCommerce signature and ensure that your name stays at the forefront of the market.


Contact us today about a free test shot and see what we can offer you.


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Monday, 20 November 2017 / Published in Blog

In eCommerce, we are all connected through flash sale sites such as Amazon and Ebay. When your customers are browsing through thousands of options online, you want your products to stand out. If you are already a member of a flash sale sight, you know how much competition there is!


Amazon just updated their furniture guidelines to include 4 specific, clear, informational shots of each product. The eCommerce platform is evolving at a steady pace, and our customers expect the best from each and every seller. You may be thinking, How do I stay ahead of the game? Excellent Product Photography.  You will need your items to be presented in the best light, so that customers click on YOUR products.


Sellers who have good product photos see a significant increase in clicks online. Sellers who chose PENCIL ONE product photography to upgrade their current photos saw a click rate improvement of 61%, and an immediate sales increase. The customer will trust a well photographed product. You will also reduce return rates thanks to our spot-on color matching. You need flawless white background shots, but sometimes you want to showcase items creatively too. PENCIL ONE offers a wide variety of shooting options to accommodate all your eCommerce and print needs.


When you earn a buyer’s trust with your professional image, the effects are invaluable. Not only will your products look better, you will look better as a brand, Amazon will look better for supporting your products. Amazon continues to update their photography standards so that they can look more professional, and in turn so will your business. Make sure you stay at the top of the market with PENCIL ONE Product Photography.


Contact us about a free test shot today and see what we can offer you.


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Thursday, 23 March 2017 / Published in Blog

Keep your delicate products looking sharp! When it comes to photographing a product, it’s important that the item is clear, sharp and in focus. The best way to ensure a quality photo it to make sure the edges are clear and defined. When the edges of an item are fuzzy or unclear, whether it be because the package is crinkled, the way its designed, or because of what it’s made from – a fabric product will always have fuzzy edges – the customer sees something unclear. With a simple edit, just cleaning around the image to give it a sharp edge, your item becomes neat and clean to the consumer. An item that has fuzzy, ill-defined edges, or is creased becomes hard to value for the customer. They see something that’s worn or used, which comes across as cheaply made. While we all know that nothing has a smooth, perfect edge up close when it comes to seeing a photo of one we want to see defined edges that mark quality. Customers want the newest item, meaning a product with no flaws. Without those clean lines, a customer may see a poorly made product and take their business elsewhere.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 / Published in Blog

Increase your sales with clean, dust free photos. No matter what you are photographing, clear and clean images are important. Knowing that your photo is free of dust specks, fingerprints, and blurs will give you peace of mind. A photography company that tends to these items in its primary routine checks is one you want handling your products. PENCIL ONE ensures that every photo is blemish free, with a focus on dust and fingerprints – something many of our competitors ignore – so that your product looks its best no matter what. Starting with adjusting the angle to get the best view without any blemishes, we then take the highest quality photo of your product. While you might be satisfied with a high quality, well angled photo, we take the process a step further by cleaning and polishing the image to perfection. Polishing and cleaning the image allows us to remove any spots or dust marks and adjust both the lightness and color of the image to make your product pop off the page. When your product might be placed next to that of a competitor it’s best to have the upper hand. The competitor may have overlooked any dust smudges, and your polished product will stand out amongst mediocre images.

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