With the rise of various e-commerce platforms, having a great-looking product image is a necessity regardless of the business you own. However, many businesses cannot afford to pay for a professional eCommerce product photography service. This causes many of them to rely on their own abilities to come up with engaging product imagery that stands

If you scroll through websites or search for products on Google Images, you will notice that white is the single most popular background for lifestyle product photography. This is not a coincidence. Most product photos have white backgrounds for many reasons. Check out the below reasons to understand why white backgrounds are so popular for

If you are looking to put up photos of your items on sale, you may want to consider high-quality product photography. White background, on the other hand, works well in these kinds of shots. But should you use a white background for all your products or just some of them? To help you decide, you’ll

For e-commerce businesses, the product photos on their websites can make or break their business and dependable product photography services are essential in making a profitable venture. Check out some tips on how to do product photography the right way to increase your sales and grow your business! Dos Do Highlight the Product When it

e-Commerce is highly competitive and largely dependent on how well product images convert to sales. In such an industry, it is vital that you find a good photography studio and proven product photography services. Unlike any other product photography studio, an e-commerce photography studio aims to produce photos that are specifically suitable for e-commerce platforms,

e-Commerce is a terrific opportunity for businesses to generate cash without the need for a physical store. As such, whether you ship your products or offer curbside pickup, professional lifestyle product photography is an essential component of any e-commerce brand. Professional product images not only elevate your brand awareness and assist you in attracting new

We can all agree that visual presentation is probably the greatest approach to demonstrate the value of your product. However, one of the most significant disadvantages that e-commerce businesses face is that buyers cannot touch, taste, hear, see, or smell a product before purchasing, which leads to many companies seeking out the help of product

Hiring e-commerce product photography services is no laughing matter. Depending on the industry of your business, product photography services can cost you thousands of dollars. This is why it’s critical to hire the right team so you can be confident in your investment and have photos that will increase your bottom line. If you own

Regardless of the industry you’re in, it’s vital that you stand out from your competition and discover inventive ways to do so. Among the many options available, product photography services have proven themselves as having one of the most significant impacts on purchasing behaviors. Great product photography is critical for persuading consumers to buy your


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For eCommerce that is. Winter is the quintessential season for shopping! Not only buying for yourself, but finding the perfect gift for others. The market is flooded with products, knock-offs and hottest buys of the season. So how does someone stand out with all this competition? Well,

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When presenting your apparel products, showcasing the fit and flow are very important to getting happy and return customers. Flat lay photos just don’t cut it for a lot of consumers, they need to know how the product will look ON them, not hanging in a closet or sitting in a drawer. In today’s eCommerce


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In a world where even the largest pieces of furniture can be ordered online and shipped directly to your door, showing off those products before they reach your customer is more important than ever. PENCIL ONE eCommerce photography can help you do just that. From wall art to wardrobe, your products need informational shots that

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Nothing is worse than searching and searching for an image, unable to find it because you can’t remember what it was named. As photographers, we know! So, let us take care of the organization and photos for you. Flash sale sites are done with customers and businesses who have their own unique and sometimes overcomplicated

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Down to every last detail.

When trying to make your name in the eCommerce market, we all know the challenges of getting your product to stand out. Flashy photos and stylized shoots seem to be what every one is trying to push. But did you know that there are new rules and regulations that you need to follow when it

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In eCommerce, we are all connected through flash sale sites such as Amazon and Ebay. When your customers are browsing through thousands of options online, you want your products to stand out. If you are already a member of a flash sale sight, you know how much competition there is!   Amazon just updated their

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