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Looking Sharp!

Keep your delicate products looking sharp! When it comes to photographing a product, it’s important that the item is clear, sharp and in focus. The best way to ensure a quality photo it to make sure the edges are clear and defined. When the edges of an item are fuzzy or unclear, whether it be

Dust Free

Increase your sales with clean, dust free photos. No matter what you are photographing, clear and clean images are important. Knowing that your photo is free of dust specks, fingerprints, and blurs will give you peace of mind. A photography company that tends to these items in its primary routine checks is one you want

Color your clients impressed

Color your clients impressed with the absolute color. When photographing in true color, consider how the light will affect the image. Light plays a big role in highlighting the colors of a product, as it gives the item a chance to shine. Darker items may need a brighter spotlight to make them really pop on

Don’t be let down by details.

A big part of preparing your products photo is making sure the item looks smooth and flawless. Using photo altering technology to refine the edges and remove any fluff or uneven edges is part of our standard altering. However, it isn’t uncommon for other photographers to go a bit further. Some choose to alter the

Stay True to Your Products!

Stay true to your products. When you find your return rates are getting high, take a moment to think about the photos of your products. Are the images exaggerated, boasting more than your product offers? Perhaps they are enhanced to make the colors extra-vibrant and the edges photoshopped to the smoothest possible shape. A photo

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