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One of our clients “Good For” requested a group of photos for their pants. The request that the background of these images should keep consistent with the color of the brand logo. The slogan - "THE GREATER GOODS" – should be shown on the inside of the back band. Also, they want to show hands in the pircture.


CLIENT                      GoodFor

MAGE STYLE            Creative

MAIN NEEDS             Brand Consistency

OTHER NEEDS         Hand Shots; Show Logo; Shadow Shots

PRODUCT                 Pants

CLIENT                      Good For


The client requirements are with us. Now how to do product photography? After getting photo needs from the client, we do the work accordingly as mentioned below:



According to the brand logo, we chose green and blue as main color schemes. Then we find the color number on Panton and mix the two colors together naturally.


In order to help the customers save money, we make use of one of our employee’s hands to hold the product. Also, we don’t hire any professional models as there is no need to show the face of the model. Our employee just holds the product from its upper two corners and in this way, we take a hand shot of it. The left hand holds the pants tightly from one side. Two fingers of the right hand are put inside the other side of the pant. The pant is now slightly pulled on both sides to show the back band.

Shadow and Light

The slight wrinkles and the light shadow naturally show the feeling of falling when two hands hang the pant. So, we take care to manipulate the light correctly in order to get the best textures. Also, slight wrinkles present the soft feeling of the pant.


It was our client's requirement to show the slogan of their brand. So, we hold the two sides of the pants and slightly pull both sides to show the inside of the back band. The slogan is shown in the middle of the image. We add slogan text manually instead of using the original one so as to avoid the deformation of the slogan text.


  • A customized color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%
  • The average revenue increases by 23% when brands present consistency

A customized color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%. Because of that, your brand needs to stay consistent with the color palette depicted in the visuals. For example, when you think of well-known brands such as Starbucks or Tiffany’s, you immediately think of specific colors like the green logo printed on every cup of this coffee chain or the baby blue background for which Tiffany’s is easily recognized. This doesn’t mean that your brand has to stick to one color; instead, you need to focus on a few tones, whether it be pastels or bright, vibrant colors, that would ultimately create consistency within your product photography.

Brand Consistency

You might ask why consistency in visuals is important! Well, when you start making your consumers act in a certain way then they will continue to act in ways that are persistent with their prime actions.

The term consistency encompasses the idea that we behave in a way that is consistent with the image that we have presented to others. This consistency plays an important role in photography for eCommerce products. So, whenever it comes to consistency and branding in eCommerce, our goal is to create and identify the things that will help in increasing the quality of your product photo and encouraging the customers to come back again and shop for your products. In order to have this consistency in product images, a brand should have a style Imagery Guide.

The style guide plays an important role in building a brand image and spreading its mission and vision. Creating an effective image style guide should be a part of every brand’s marketing and advertising strategy. This image style guide will come in handy while taking product photos. Moreover, it will also be beneficial in coming up with new product photography ideas.

With consistency in color and brand, we can push our consumers to purchase the products from the same website again.

A brand does not get built in a single day. It takes a lot of thought, brainstorming, strategies, and efforts to build a brand. Branding helps in creating a strong and positive perception of a company’s products and services.

It consists of the elements like Logo, design, and themes. Those businesses that have an effective branding strategy can stand out from their competitors and thus build a loyal customer base.

Consistency in Visuals Enhances a Business

Color or brand Consistency in an online business plays an essential role to grab the attention of the customers. Also, it is important for the online shopping experience for a consumer. If you are selling on different ecommerce platforms, then it is important to remain as consistent as possible while choosing colors to meet the photo requirements for different ecommerce platforms. The background for product photos should be plain and simple.

Lighting plays an important role in eCommerce product photoshoots. Best practices should be followed when it comes to lighting for product photos. So, how to product photography lighting? When it comes to product photography lighting, light placement is a crucial decision that is to be made. In such a case, what really counts is the experience.

Since the images on the website tell a lot about the company and its products and services; it creates a certain identity for the company. Moreover, good images help ecommerce business boost revenue. So, the company must invest in photography for ecommerce products.

Good product photography can drive the entire business game and will help you to achieve the desired results. It will build brand identity and brand consistency besides helping salesman in increasing the eCommerce sales.

Builds Trust among Consumers

When the company establishes consistency within its visuals then the consumers will start thinking that the company is more organized. Consistency in visuals is one of the best tips for product photography. Most of the customers want to see the brand look good from the outside. In this way, they will get the impression that the company has everything well-organized. So, it is best to follow effective product photography tips.

When the consumers see the visual consistency then it creates a sense of trust between the consumers and the company. This also makes them believe in your products and brand identity.

Besides, it can develop a visual identity of your brand and can create better communication. Also, it will convince more customers to believe in your products and trust your vision and mission. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to market your product.

Visual consistency is so much powerful that it can create connections between the brand image and a real-life memory. Having good product photos can surely produce the best response among the consumers. One of the best Creative product photography tips is having an interesting background with the main product in the foreground. This will make the product even more desirable. 

It also helps in drawing attention to your brand. It stimulates the customers not only to purchase the products but can also help them identify the values and ethics of your brand. One can go through any fashion product photography case study to get an idea about the brand consistency in product photography.

The Primary Aspects of Visual Consistency

Visual Consistency mainly refers to visual identity. It comprises of the elements like Graphics, color schemes, fonts, logos, and many other things. This aids the audience to recognize your brand. Not only this, your whole set of previous experiences gets triggered that the people have with your brand. In short, it acts as a huge positive reinforcement. Visual consistency or photo-consistency is an important way to get quality photos.

All you just need to recognize the fact that branding is not an isolated activity. It is a combination of multiple things. In fact, it has become a part of everyday interactions that you share with your customers. In the online business industry, everything matters and everything is important.

Either your messages, brand colors, the content that you put on your website, or graphic presentation matters a lot intheE-commerce business. These all fall under visual consistency and represent your brand persona. All these factors help in establishing trust and credibility of your brand.

So, one of the useful tips for ecommerce photos is that if you want to create better communication and make more customers believe in your brand vision and mission, then have a consistency in your visuals. This was all about ecommerce product photography case study.

With Pencil One, you do not need to worry about color consistency/brand consistency in E-commerce visuals. We deliver the exact images that the brand requires by following the professional product photography tips. It is the leader in ecommerce product photography services having specialization in clothing, jewelry, home goods, food, beauty, and luxury consumer product. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures consistency in your brand and color. Another reason tooutsource your product photography with us is that our photos are accepted by all the e-commerce platforms. You can also check our product photography service guide to get an idea about the world of ecommerce product photography and the different types of services in it.

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