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Most of the time, returns are based solely on the fact that the real product differed too much from the image, and the customer felt, in a sense, betrayed.

When shopping online or in a catalog, buyers rely heavily on the photograph of a product. They need to be able to trust a company to provide the exact same thing as they see advertised.

The first step to improve your product images is to upgrade your equipment needed for product photography. There are some basic product photography gears you can use for your e-commerce website.



When photographing in true color, consider how the light will affect the image. Light plays a big role in highlighting the colors of a product, as it gives the item a chance to shine. Darker items may need a brighter spotlight to make them pop on the background, or a vibrant colorful product could use a softer light to really demonstrate its vivacity.

Also, proper lighting goes beyond a spotlight on your item. Lights and shadows help you to show all the features of your product. A customer needs to see all the features of a product, something with intricate and detailed shadows from a well-lit product will make it pop off the page and catch the eye of every potential customer. Without these highlights and shadows from multiple light sources, your customers will see a two-dimensional, flat product

Lighting is crucial for our product photography, and the most important element in making a product look great.



The background provides various pre-build scenes for you without going to the real scenes. You can get creative shoots by using different kinds of backgrounds. If your company website is focusing on a brand of clean, uncluttered and modern feelings, a white background is a timeless classic. If you will eventually sell your product through a third-party site, it’s important to realize that Amazon is the largest user of white background product photographs. Scrolling through the items available on Amazon, it’s clear to see the value behind a white background.



No matter what you are photographing, the clean camera is important. Knowing that your equipment is free of dust specks, fingerprints, and blurs will give you peace of mind. The cost of product photography equipment is often high.

We are here providing you with the photography cost calculator, which will help you estimate your in-house photography budget and make the right decision.

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