The Cost of a Studio

Many E-Commerce companies don’t have their own photography studio. Having a studio should always be part of the in-house photography business plan.

A wide space offers choices of shooting scenes in various sizes. It will highlight the functionality of your product in a unique way. Being able to display your product in unique ways will draw the attention of customers with the eye-catching photos. Besides, we need to have enough space to accommodate our professional photography equipment.

Oftentimes, a complete studio can be divided into two areas – product preparation area and photo shooting area. Product preparation area is mainly used for storing products. Also, before formally shooting products, the cleaning and styling work should be completed in the product preparation area.

Normally, the dimension of the product preparation area is half that of the photo shooting area. So how big does a photography studio need to be? What’s the budget for a studio? These are difficult questions to answer which ties to location, cost, type of products, the area of focus, etc.

The followings are studio sizes for each type of product and the average rental price in different locations.




Category Product Studio Size (Square foot)
Baby PET product 500-1000
Baby & Children 500-1000
Toys 300-750
Electronics High Tech & Novelty 300-750
Electronics & Accessories 300-750
Stationery 300-750
Fashion Apparel 750-2500
Beauty 300-750
Fashion Accessory 300-750
Jewelry & Watch 300-750
Shoes 750-1500
Luggage & Travel 500-1000
Food Food 500-1000
Home Rugs 1500-5000
Kitchen & Texture 500-1500
Furniture 1500-5000
Home Decor 250-1000
Tools Sports 750-1500
Tools & Home Improvement 750-2500
Equipment 750-2500
Auto Parts 750-1500


$12.00 (Studio Cost/ sf/yr)

Along the Route #10


Resource from: LoopNet

We are here providing you with the photography cost calculator, which will help you estimate your in-house photography budget and make the right decision.

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