fashion photography, flat lay photography
fashion photography, flat lays photography
fashion photography
shoes, fashion photography, product photography, fltal lays photography
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flat lay_stationery photography, product photography, flat lays photography
flat lay_stationery photography, product photography, flat lays photography

Flat Rate to create product photos. Bring products to life

PENCIL ONE is run by discerning industry professionals, we offer high-quality commercial photography and flat lay photography with a personal touch to meet our customers’ needs and tailor each shoot to suit a visual story for their brand and brand identity.

We are a fully accredited and experienced clothing and lifestyle product photography agency located in the heart of the greater Boston area.

Our team is made up of professional photographers who can produce beautiful flat lay photos of varying sizes within 24 hours across all formats. Whether you want to appeal to local shoppers in your city center or online shoppers who will buy clothing without ever seeing it in person.

We aim to work with the latest trends such as flat lay photography so your customers feel comfortable browsing through your store online. Although we specialize in a flat lay style of still life photography, we also offer bespoke color grading and photo editing services.

Flat Lay Photos for Your Store

If you are selling apparel and clothing items for your store, website, or through social media platforms like Pinterest, flat lay photography is an art that can help you create interest and sell more efficiently.

The flat lay could be a single photograph made up of several smaller images of objects laid side-by-side. Perfect flat lay photography uses the same principles that are present in all other types of product photography.

However, instead of the flat lays being posed vertically, the subject is positioned horizontally. This setup frequently includes a white flat lay background with the pieces of clothing or other items being arranged to look as if they are lying on a flat surface giving a bird’s eye view.

By using flat lay images, you can eliminate the need for all your props, such as a model or mannequin.

Flat lay photography is a modern approach to stylized fashion photography that is both affordable and effective. A key selling feature of a flat lay photo is the ease with which it can be digitally altered to include call-to-action (CTA) messages.

Design, Construct and Transform

On your online store, your flat lay photos create an engaging experience for your customer. An intuitive design allows them to quickly digest the most important details of your product. Our styled top view photography is the way to show off everything your product has to offer.

Every part of the product is focused with precision, leaving nothing out with a flat lay image. The images are created from several different camera angles so the consumer can be the judge of how this product would look and feel in person.

The flat lay technique is perfect for any company as they are simple photos that do not distract from the main focal point which is the product itself.

Flat Lay Photography is the New Trend

A recent trend has taken over eCommerce product photography in a big way. In the past, showing products in their element, on models, and in vignettes were seen as the best way to give them center stage.

Now, the look of product photography is changing. Flat lay photography has been one of the biggest photography trends across the board and has quickly been snapped up by a wide range of eCommerce sites and businesses for its immediate appeal and distinct look.

Here, we’re going to take a look at why flat lay photography has become so essential in eCommerce and a few tips to help you make use of this new mainstay in the visual landscape of the virtual storefront.


A Keen Eye for Every Detail

Flat lay photography is more than just arranging your products on a table. This art of putting the consumer into the photo attracts them with product image details, and color combinations that they can appreciate.

Define your brand with flat lay photos after you've defined it with fashion, accessories & fashion jewelry lines.

Flat lay photography is knowing how to arrange products so they serve the best visual interest—vibrant, cohesive, and friendly. It's your layered approach to product display.

Our photographers are eager to bring your store to life through a camera lens promoting creativity, beautiful design, and originality. So let's work together to create the visual experience shoppers are seeking online—one image at a time.


Consistency from Product to Product

Different angles come with varying price points, but we offer you consistency from product to product. Our retouchers and photographers bring your products to life with the right photo editing software, color palette, color scheme, different shades, lighting setup, and catchlights for each perfect shot.

Our photography flat lay service is fully integrated, which allows our clients to maintain the same quality, create balance, angle, and retouch from shoot to shoot without the need for external assets or resources.


Pick Any Angle or Upload Your Own

We shoot products using a camera or mobile device with all the different elements for visually compelling flat-lay photographs, helping your finished product stand out.

Our flat lay shoot allows you the freedom to select the angle you want or upload your image, then we take it from there. Featuring seamless plain white background, neutral colors, and many creative frames to choose from.

Workflow that Helps Your Business Grow

Slow, and steady growth. This is the way to go for any business. You must prove that your business model is working before moving on to the next step.

Following the popularity of flat lay photography, we peel back the layers to bring you insights into how it can benefit your business and increase sales.

Your time is valuable. Let our creative team help you photoshoot your products at our specialist studio space. The Intake stage begins with the intake of stock from local businesses and suppliers.

Our studio offers a calm and relaxed environment where we have time to ensure your images are created with skill and precision by a fully qualified photographer.

We gather all your requirements and ensure you are comfortable with every aspect of the shoot before beginning. We believe that understanding your product and how to present and style it effectively is essential to capturing impactful imagery.

It's what makes us different, and it's why we go the extra mile for every project.

Our photography process creates visually compelling and original images. By shooting multiple camera angles and perspectives, we ensure the client is given several options for their final edit.

Our high-level approach to visualization by an experienced team has been used by different industries and applications to create unique and memorable images.

Post-production is the process of retouching photos to give them a more professional look. Basic retouching involves the removal of blemishes, creases, pet hair, dust or dirt on products, minor changes to shadows, saturation slider & lighting, etc.

The results are used for promotional purposes to give the product an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 


  • Make a Visual Impact

    Wherever selling your products or promoting your products, the first impression is very important. MaKE a good first impression and leave a lasting visual impact to bring more potential customers.
  • Make Everyone Look Good

    All websites like vendors that can provide nice, creative photos. They need nice creative photos to promote your products on their home page, newsletters, and other places. In turn, it makes them look better too!
  • Bigger Branding

    Always aim to make your company appear bigger than you really are. Professional creative photos are the best tool. Customers trust the company that can afford to be stylish, and it will promote that your product as high end.


  • Working with pencil one was as easy and seamless as it gets- they were communicative, did all lifestyle photography and creative photography on time and as requested, and creative photos are a good quality. We definitely suggest them!

    Jenny Callentine
  • Great communication skills and really try their absolute best to provide the best images possible. Their prices are very reasonable. I see a really bright future for Pencil One. Highly recommend!

    Zoya Ramzan
  • PENCIL ONE does an excellent job of capturing creative photos of our products in a consistent and well-thought-out way. Turnaround time is exceptionally fast and they are great people to work with.

    Mark Folkrod
  • First engagement. Quality service and value. Great account/project management. Would recommend and use again.

    John Blake
  • Great work, in zero time- We are a startup for healthcare sensors, we needed new pictures in reasonable cost and quick response time: Tong came to our office to pick up the product and returned it in a few days. Took creative photos and edited as needed for our website. Highly recommended, would use his creative photography and lifestyle photography service again in the future.
    Yechiel Engelhard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flat lay photography is frequently used for male clothing, accessories, and basic wardrobe items such as t-shirts, sweaters, pants, socks, and much more. In many cases, they are basic photographs, necessitating no additional depth or complexity. However, you should consider other options for clothing made of elastic fabric, clothing with complex tailoring, or fit clothes. The clothing items are laid out on the surface and shot from above at a 90-degree angle for flat lay photography. This method is popular on social media platforms, where the object can also be positioned to leave room for additional text and graphic elements.

Flat lay product photography involves placing a clothing product on top of a table or surface and photographing it with the best lighting for clothing photography. Flat lay photography can be done with any product, but it works best with apparel products, so it is the preferred method among clothing product retailers.

Its simplicity has been credited with much of its popularity. Flat lay does not detract from the product being shown, nor does it place it in context, as a propped and styled image does, making it a useful way to show the product in a commercial setting.

Flat lay proponents all urge you to shoot a square image, and while this works well for many subjects. Fashion flat lay photography is a good alternative to invisible mannequins, and it can often be a less expensive but equally effective alternative.

The key to capturing a great flat lay is to take the photo from an angle parallel to your flat surface. You must get directly above your subject to accomplish this. Using a stepladder or shooting your items on the ground may be necessary to position your camera directly above your scene.

Shadows will already be minimized with flat lay photography if you have good lighting from all sides. This is due to the fact that you are reducing your photo to two dimensions and shooting from above.

Make use of a tripod with a movable arm.

When combined with a remote shutter, a tripod with an extendable arm will allow you to completely remove yourself and any shadows you may cast. A tripod also reduces camera shake, resulting in sharper photos.

Make use of fill cards.

Fill cards are simply white foam board pieces that can be placed around your scene to reflect more light into your photograph, and you won't see them in your photo because you're shooting straight down. These are available at most school supply stores.

Set up your shot near a window that gets a lot of light.

Natural light works well for flat lays when combined with fill cards. Look for a location with even lighting and no shadows. Photographing outside is also an option if you are not in direct sunlight.

Select a background with some color and texture.

White backgrounds are difficult to work with because they never appear completely white unless you do a lot of editing. A gray background will help to reduce shadows while preserving the details of your subject.

Make use of a dual softbox lighting kit.

As your skills improve, you may want to consider investing in a dependable lighting source that isn't as volatile as the sun. Use a double softbox setup, one on each side of your flat lay and your camera shooting down from the center. Adjust the softbox lighting until all shadows are gone.

Flat lay photography is widely used for a variety of purposes.

Food Photography

Whether you want to showcase ingredients for a recipe or an elaborate table setting, food photos work exceptionally well as flat lays.

Product Photography

Flat lay photography is a great way to showcase your products, no matter what they are.

Fashion Photography

Fashion flat lays include shots of outfits, shoes, and accessories that do not require the use of a model.

Hobby and Book Photography

Books, as well as hobbies such as painting, gaming, crafts, and journaling, are popular subjects for flat lay photos.

A flat lay is simply a photograph of objects arranged on a flat surface taken from above. This is known as a bird's eye view, and it's a great way to showcase anything from product photography to your latest cup of tea.

A flat lay is essentially a photo of several objects laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner, usually themed or organized by type. Flat lays can include natural elements, products, an outfit someone is going to wear, ingredients for a recipe, what to bring on a trip, or what someone might need to make a specific craft. They can even be simple layouts of favorite items.

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