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Good Photos Helps Sales

The latest figures show that 62% of salesman think that the hardest thing about sales is letting the customers choose you. They try to make it simple for people to say “yes” to them but they can’t force anyone to pick your company in the end.


One of the top things salesman hate is when customers stop responding. No answers from cold calling or emails can really make your salesman feel lost! Product photography can be a great tool for your salesman. Images can boost your online sales and help your eCommerce business grow.

Images Build Trust

A good photo will help your salesman convince the buyer and increase your ecommerce sales. Product photography is a great tool to show your perspective clients what they are getting and boost attention from silent customers. An email with no images is boring! Help your salesman send better and prettier emails with commercial product photography. This will guarantee increase the time clients spend looking at your email, increase click rate and increase sales in the end result. You could tell someone about how sharp your knives are all day, but an image that shows it cutting through something tough with ease? That is the kind of boost you need for your sales department to win customer trust.

Enhance Brand Identity

Consistency between photos is an important factor when displaying products on your website.  It makes the customer comfortable in regards to your reliability and the quality of the products. Salesman need a solid ground to stand on when trying to increase sales for your company. Does your product photography look uniform and professional in your ecommerce business? Such as images, branding also creates trust as it makes your company look organized and thoughtful of their work. A Salesman must believe in their brand, and the stronger the brand identity, the stronger your online sales will become and the better your team can boost your sales.

Let Images make Communication Easy.

Your salesman have a job to get people on the phone. If you have no commercial product photography to back up what they are saying, how can they see how your product works? “Trust me” is not a good line from any stranger who you speak to on the phone. Let the images tell the story. With product photography, you can introduce how an item works through images that tell the story for you. More than 50% prospects want to see how the product works on the first call. Don’t miss out on the chance to make those online sales and increased sales by having something in hand to send your client.

Increase Email Click Rate

We all know every salesman needs a catchy subject to get you to open that email. But what keeps them there? Images! Generally, Only 24% of sales emails are opened. However, after analysing the data from over 5,000 campaigns we found something powerful: campaigns with images had a 42% higher click through rate than campaigns without images. What a boost! Product photography is absolutely integral to your online sales campaign. Help your salesman get the responses they need by providing product imagery that a customer is interested to know more about. Commercial photography will help the clients come to you.

Traditional sales are replaced by Inbound Sales. Attracting clients With Good Photos.

Once your salesman become more effective, you will notice more inbound sales for your ecommerce business. The commercial photography will do much of the selling for you without the need for explanation to increase sales. You will see a significant boost in online sales and your ecommerce business will be in a golden place that many wish to be in. Having commercial  photography is a great asset to your business and must go hand in hand with a strong marketing strategy to gain reach and the rest will take care of itself! That way, you find that you are interrupting people less to make a quick sale, and attracting more potential buyers to their brand on their own time. Exploring accounts becomes more curated for your salesman.


A good photo will help your salesman connect a boosted 2x more customer interactions during the awareness stage and 1.3x more during the consideration stage. Many times, only 19% of buyers will want to reach out to a salesperson during the awareness stage of the buying process and when they don’t know much about the project yet. 60% wish to reach out in the consideration stage or after they narrowed down their options. Ecommerce required a great pedestal to stand on in order to compete. Product photography should be your no.1 offense when sending your salesman out to increase sales for your Ecommerce business.

At PENCIL ONE, commercial photography is made easy. We have helped hundreds of customers boost their sales through great product photography and images they can be proud of. We hope that these sales tips will help inspire your business to try a worry free and surefire way to sell your products with ecommerce product photography. Our team does constant research into branding, online trends, sales trends and how photography can help all aspects of a business. Not only do we pride ourselves on making the process easier for you as a client, but we really do aim to increase your revenue. Ecommerce is a combination of technical and creative thinking in order to become successful with your online sales. We aim to provide the right formula for every client to make the job easier for your marketing department and your sales department.

Sales can be hard! We know the struggle, let us take care of some of the marketing for you.

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