Can I get a Model for my photos?

Update: 4/24/2019

We can shoot live model product photography for various types of products. And here are the completed projects we took with models.


The day rate of model photography is around $3,500/day. The price can change depending on various factors, e.g. the number of models, the number of clothes and photos, background changeovers, etc.


Step 1 - Pick the model(s)

You can select the PENCIL ONE network models from the link below or send your hired models to us.

Step 2 - Shot list

We’d like to receive a shot list specifying the amount of the products and how many photos are needed for each item.  Here is a good example:

Step 3 - Quoting and Deposit

After receive and clarify the shot list, I will send you a project quote for approval. A deposit of 20% of the entire project will be collected upon the approval.

Step 4 - Shipping

Please ship the products to the following address and share the tracking number with us.If you expect us to ship the products back after the shooting, please include a return shipping label in the package.

Address: PENCIL ONE Inc. 275 Centre St, Unit 17, Holbrook, MA, 02343

Step 5 - Shooting

It usually takes 3 - 5 business days to complete the photos after the package arrives and shooting details are clarified. If you have a hard deadline, please let us know. We will get in touch to:

  • confirm the package receiving
  • clarify the shooting details
  • inform the expected photo delivery date.

Step 6 - Download finished photos

When photos are completed, we will send you an invoice to collect the balance. After the payment is received, we will share the download link of the completed photos.

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