Can I save money on Lifestyle photos?

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Can I save money on Lifestyle photos?

What is included in a scene?

A scene is defined by 3 essential components: the background, the props, the lighting.

What does it mean “use an existing scene”?

We encourage customers to reuse the scenes to keep the cost down. When swapping products in the same scene, the background and the props are kept the same. When handling products with different sizes and shapes, it’s necessary to apply slight adjustments in the lighting and the perspective. Your photographers have good judgments to achieve the best photo result. 

Following are photos considered using the same scene. Additional photos using an existing scene cost 50% off.

Another example showing how different products are shot in the same scene.  The lighting, props and the background are kept the same, the arrangement of props are slighted adjusted of each photo to better fit different product shapes.

What if I want a brand new scene?

Our creative specialist will help you design a new scene. Some factors to consider: what are you promoting with the new scene? What are the must-have props to be seen in the scene? What is the background you’d like to have? Using reference photos to communicate ideas proves to be efficient and is highly recommended.

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