Can photos be reshot if I don’t like them?

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Can photos be reshot if I don’t like them?

Why do reshoots happen?

No one likes a reshoot but it happens especially with the lifestyle images. To put it simply, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While our stylists can work on your photo for hours, we might not know every detail you like. Believe it or not, you might not even know what the issue is until you see the photo.

For example, maybe you believe there is a prop that looks better moved to the right, or removed completely. These are the elements that our team can not always predict.

What is your Reshoot Policy?

Reshooting takes our photographer the same amount of time as the first shoot. At PENCIL ONE, we provide the best services possible at the least expensive price for our valued customers like you.

In the meanwhile, to run a profitable business we can’t afford free reshooting driven by after-the-fact changing requirements. So we want to make our reshoot policy clear and fair. We provide both paid and unpaid reshoot/editing and here are the basics:

  • Rework driven by overlooking your requirements that are provided in written format, we’ll cover it for free
  • Minor photoshop adjustments are free.
  • Reshoot driven by new requirements or directions after the final photo completion is a paid reshoot.

How do I avoid a reshoot?

Avoiding a reshoot can be as simple as clarity. Be as clear with your coordinator up front as you can regarding your shot list, references, and preferences for shooting. The more you let us know, the better we will understand your needs.

Think about the customer. Perhaps you think that prop will look better two inches to the right, but will your customer even notice? Probably not. Save yourself time and money by taking a moment to consider what matters to your buyers.

>> Check PENCIL ONE Service General Process and get some tips to avoid reshooting in the future.

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