Do you travel for shoots?

Update: 4/24/2019

What are the benefits of having photographers to shoot on your site?

  • Shoot products that are not shippable
  • Take photos of your working environment or facilitate equipment
  • Capture your executive team, individually or in group


Photographer on-site service is charged two ways to fit different project sizes: half day and daily. We provide half day and one-day services to customers in the Great Boston area without involving additional traveling cost. For customers outside Great Boston area, the traveling cost applies depending on the traveling distance and project length.  Please discuss your project details to our staff to determine the best solution.

Shot list

We’d like to receive a shot list specifying how many photos are needed and what are these photos. Here is a good example of the shot list.


Step One - Shot list. We expect a detailed shot list from you so we understand the project scope.

Step Two - Site Survey. Use your cell phone to take photos of the shooting space (warehouse, office, equipment,etc.). The purpose of this step is for us to evaluate the shooting space size and lighting condition so we can bring the photography equipment.  

Step Three - Quote. We will send you a proposal with project scope, timeline, quote and other essential information important for you to know.

Step Four - Approval and deposit. Once the project is approved, we will charge a deposit of 20% of the project and confirm the shooting date.


We accept payment of ACH transfer or checks. 20% deposit fee will be collected to secure the shooting date and the balance will be collected on shooting day.

Reschedule and Cancellation

To cancel or postpone a scheduled project, we require an email notification at least 72 hours before the agreed shooting day. The additional 3rd party cancelation fee might be applied driven by the flight cancellation.

Product Preparation

To optimize the productivity of the shooting day, sometimes it’s more efficient to prepare the products in the shooting-ready condition prior to the scheduled shooting day. Following are common scenarios that we recommend you to prepare the products before the shooting day.

  • Area Rug - after unrolled from its package,  lay the rugs flat with weights on it for at least 3 business days to avoid the curly rugs in the photos.
  • Textile and Apparel - depending on the texture, most textile requires ironing to remove folding wrinkles.
  • Products in parts -  Products having multiple components in the flat package need to be installed prior to the shooting.
  • Products with a reflective surface - clean the surface, remove the dust and fingerprint.

Reshoot Policy

One of the benefits of photographer onsite shooting is that you can provide instant art directions, feedback, and approval during the shooting process, which greatly decrease the possibility of the reshoot. However, when reshoot happens, we want to make our reshoot policy clear, fair, and upfront. We provide both paid and unpaid reshoot/editing and here are the basics:

  • Minor photoshop adjustments are free.
  • Reshoot driven by new requirements or directions after the approval or the final photo completion is a paid reshoot.

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