How do I order Lifestyle photos?

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How do I order Lifestyle photos?

Lifestyle photos are tricky and can require a tremendous amount of time communicating scenes and props that satisfy various possible styles. The biggest challenge we’re all facing: there is no standard definition of “nice photos” – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  At PENCIL ONE, our goal is to provide your lifestyle photography solutions without the hassle:

  • Fit seamlessly with your brand
  • Affordable – price between $75 – $150 per photo
  • Turnaround around one week

Who is it for

If you are in any of the following situations, this is the solution for you:

  • Want high-quality content to feed social media accounts
  • Need help to meet marketplace photo requirements
  • Seeking a consistent photo style for your brand
  • Want to spend time on business decisions, not on photo directing
  • Trust the professionals can do their job
  • Have no time for the freelancer or no budget for the agency

How does it work

Understanding your taste

It’s all about understanding your product and your taste. Here are three ways for us to get to know you and your brand:

  1. You have a well-established brand guide for photographers and designers, send it to us.
  2. You have reference photos that you admire – website links, Instagram photos, Amazon listing – share it to us.
  3. Not sure what do you need? Let’s schedule our creative specialist to guide you through a few questions and uncover your preferences.

Step 1 – Shot list

We’d like to receive a shot list specifying the amount of the products and how many photos are needed for each item.  Here is a good example:

Shot# Items(s) Photo Type Description Reference Photo
1 15 ml eye cream E-commerce White Background Front shot of bottle on plain white background with shadow
2 120 ml Jojoba Moisturizer Creative Have them standing on a black reflective surface with a flower in the background
4. 120 ml Cucumber Moisturizer E-Commerce

White Background

Same as the shots you completed last time with sliced cucumbers.
3 Three Tone bottles Creative See the reference photo–skincare-packaging-cosmetic-photography.jpgv

Step 2 – Quote

After we receive and clarify the shot list, I will send you a project quote for approval.

Step 3 – Shipping

Please ship the products to the following address and share the tracking number with us. If you expect us to ship the products back after the shooting, please include a return shipping label in the package.


275 Centre St, Unit 17

Holbrook, MA 02343

Step 4 – Shooting

It usually takes 3 – 5 business days to complete the photos after the package arrives and shooting details are clarified. Our stylists and photographers will design the scene background, pick the props, and style your product based on our understanding of your brand guidelines or preferences. If you have a hard deadline, please let us know. We will get in touch to:

  • confirm the package arrives
  • clarify the shooting details
  • inform the expected photo delivery date

Step 5 – Download finished photos

When photos are completed, we will send you the invoice. After the payment is received, we will share the download link of the completed photos.

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