How does the Pre-Order program work?

Update: 4/5/2019

PENCIL ONE Product Photo Pre-Order Program is a service package tailored to businesses who have constant product photography needs. If you are in any of these four situations, this program is for you.

  • Need more than 100 photos a year
  • Frequently launch new products with separated batches during the year
  • Need high-quality product photos with consistency
  • Looking for predictable delivery and fast turnaround
  • Low price solution for high volume lifestyle product photos

What it offers

PENCIL ONE understands your needs and wants to provide the best and most fulfilling client experience. With Pre-Order program, we offer:

  • Discounted rate
  • Four-tiered package choices.
  • Simplified process (no quote and payment for each project).
  • Express lane 3 - 5 days turnaround for most projects with less than 400 photos.
  • Free file naming services to help you organize your content assets.
  • Up to 5% of your purchase in reshoot protection.

How does it work

  • We offer up to 3 free test shots for you to experience the services and evaluate the photo quality.
  • Price will be provided based on your one-year volume after the test shots.
  • Select the tiered pricing package that fulfills your one-year volume.
  • Complete the payment and download the photo credit statement
  • Kick off your first project.

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