How Model Project works?

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There are three different types of model photography we provide, each with their own costs.

  1. Hand Model or Body Model

To achieve the best cost-efficiency, we use our employee as your model. This allows more flexibility for us, as well as you, while taking multiple pictures as we do not have to worry about model fees. Photos using our own hand or body models are charged by the number of the final images that are delivered to you. Please refer to the shot list guide to prepare the shot list for a quote. 

  1. AI model

The apparels and models are shot separately and are combined together in post production. The pros of using the AI model are that it doesn’t involve a model during the shooting, which makes the shooting faster, more affordable and adds some flexibility. The cons are that the model’s postures, and facial expressions are pre-determined and not customizable. Please refer to the shot list guide to prepare the shot list for a quote. 

  1. Professional Models

Projects start from a minimal of one-half day shooting with at least one model. PENCIL ONE provides model shooting against various backgrounds from the simplest eCommerce white or grey background to lifestyle room setting backgrounds. Check out Model portfolio to find out projects we completed for clients like you. 

To initiate a model shooting project, here is the information we’d like to know in order to have a good understanding of the project scope. Based on your answer to the following questions, we will provide you an accurate estimate on the shooting length, number of the photos we will deliver and the all-inclusive cost. 

  1. How many SKUs will need to be shot? 
  2. How many photos are needed per SKU? 
  3. How many models are needed?  
  4. What are the desired backgrounds to be used in the photo shooting? 
  5. Is there a timeline you have, or a deadline you need to meet to receive the finished photos? 
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