Shoot every product or color convert?

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Shoot every product or color convert?

The color converting technique allows the photographer to shoot one product and generate more colorways in Photoshop. This saves time and creates highly consistent product photos. But it only works under conditional circumstances.

When the starting color and target colors are close, it’s possible to shoot just one product and create more colorways in Photoshop. It works the most successful with products in a solid color.

Images below are good examples of color conversion. 

When it doesn’t work

  • Convert from a dark color to a much lighter or brighter color.
  • Convert from a low saturation to high saturation color
  • Convert from one primary color to an opposite primary color, e.g. red to green, blue to yellow.
  • When the product has a non-solid color.
  • When the product has any decoration details e.g. hems, fringe, buttons made by different materials or colors. (Black fringe to white fringe, pink zipper to white zipper.)

Do I still need to ship products in all colorways if the color can be Photoshopped?

Yes, we recommend sending the physical products which act as the target when we do the color converting.

Is it cheaper to color converting a photo than shooting a photo?

It depends on a combined factor of the product feature, the staging difficulty, and the number of the colorways.  We’d like to get a full project scope in order to propose the most cost-efficient solution.

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