What file size and type can I order?

Update: 4/12/2019

PENCIL ONE Standard File Format

With white background photos, the default file format is 3000 x 3000 JPEG. The product is centered and maximized in this square shape photo.  Click to download a sample file

With lifestyle photos, we'll crop the photo to the requested ratio with the long edge of 3000 pixels.  Lifestyle photos are also delivered in JPEG. Click to download a sample file

Additional File Format On Demand

3000 x 3000 PNG with transparent background - free. Click to download a sample file

Any customized size in addition to the default size of 3000 x 3000.  - $3.5 per photo.

We don’t provide

  • Raw images
  • TIFF with unflattened layers and clip paths.

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