What happens to products after shooting?

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What happens to products after shooting?

Post Shoot with PENCIL ONE

When the photo shoot is over, you have a couple of options about what to do with your products. We encourage most customers to include a label with their product or to provide us with a UPS/ FedEx account #  for easy return once the project is over.

What if you need more photos for this product later?

In the situation that you need to store the products with PENCIL ONE for future projects, we offer free product storage for up to 1 year to most product types. We’ll send an email notification of product removal when it is approaching.

Long term storage is also available for clients with large and ongoing projects. This type of storage is determined by consultation only.

We don’t offer long term storage to the following categories:

  • Products require disassembling
  • Equipment over 50 lb
  • Frozen food

How to store products with us:

  1. Let us know we will be holding on to your product for long term storage. This will help us know how to sort your product once it is with us in the studio.
  2. Give us a rough estimate of your next shooting date. We can get back in touch around that time to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  3. Have a plan for return or removal once all shooting is complete. We appreciate it when customers take back products after they have been shot and stored with us.

Leaving products without any notice:

If a product is left with us, and we did not hear back about product return, the coordinator will follow up 3 times with the client to get an answer regarding return or storage.

First, follow up will happen 2 weeks after project completion if the client did not respond for product storage or return. Two more follow up emails will be sent over the course of 3 months.

Coordinators will also follow up near to the end of your storage time to plan product return.

If no response is given regarding your product after several months, we will remove it from the studio for donation.

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