Will my products be color corrected?

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Will my products be color corrected?

How does PENCIL ONE handle the color accuracy?

We compare the photo color to the actual product for each individual product and adjust the color to ensure they match as close as possible. With color-critical products, we require to keep products for an extra 2 – 3 days after the shooting so we can complete the color matching.

What equipment we are using?

We use professional EIZO monitor, which is calibrated to the standard Adobe1998 RBG space on a weekly basis.  

For lighting, we use the industrial recommended 5,500K lighting to shoot the products and check the actual item with QCing the photos.

Why is the color still different on my monitor or phone?

There are lots of factors that can impact the product color displayed on the monitor: the monitor itself, the atmosphere lighting, and even our own eyes. In the eCommerce word, it’s almost impossible to guarantee the consumer will view product photos that always have the same color as the product, but it is good to get as generally close as possible.

Why choose to color convert in Photoshop instead of shooting the real product?

Color changing techniques ensure consistency for products that have the same design and different colors.  However, depending on the product color and design, our photographer will use their best judgment on when to use color changing techniques from case to case.

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