Flat Lay Photography

What’s in this offer:
  • Various types of flat lays.
  • Flay lays applied on cosmetics, food, jewelries, apparels, etc.
What is flat lay?

In the simplest terms: a flat lay is a photograph taken from directly above. Beneath, there’s a flat surface that serves as the backdrop and staging ground for the subjects of the photo.
In most cases, the subjects are items that have been arranged on the surface like a vignette, lay flat in place.
Often, there is one item chosen as the central focus of the shot, while the others are arranged around it to complement of contrast it.

How do you style a flat lay?

Not every flat lay is the same. There are a variety of flat lay compositions.

  • Arranging products in a neat grid
  • A grid with an alternate angle
  • Controlled chaos
  • Negative space flat lays. Placed product in the corner or edge of the frame
  • Flat lay with text
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