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Professional Product Photography Studio USA

Most home business owners understand how important image is when it comes to sales. After all, the eyes are the gateway to the seller’s soul. Product photography service providing a pleasing visual appearance makes all the difference to making people want what you’re offering.

Who would buy your product without a great picture?

The term product photography is a straightforward one—it relates to the work of a professional photographer who takes, edits, and retouches photos of your products.

While it might be feasible to take pictures of your products with your camera or a smartphone. It’s worth noting that the quality and clarity of these photos may not be as good as those provided by a professional.

PENCIL ONE is your go-to solution without borders, your local geospatial photo mapping solution provider. You can use our product photography services to take images of your products for online sales or print catalogs.

The products we shoot are retouched, natural light is used, and diffusers are used. We use professional quality digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras to shoot, as well as border-free processing to make them suitable for advertising.

You can use our services as a means to create professional-looking product listings on eBay, Amazon, or even your website—allowing you to increase your sales potential.

Professional Product Photography Shot and Edited in our Studio

Have you ever wished to be part of the glory days? Well, now you can. You don’t need to be a professional or even know how to take a photograph anymore—we’ll do it all for you. We take product detailed shots and turn them into 3D images or interactive 360-degree images. We make sure that every detail is captured.

Modern storytelling is about connecting with your audience on a personal level, and with our interactive high-quality product photos, your potential customers can zoom in on crucial details and rotate the image to see exactly what is going on.

From complex scenery to model shots, we tailor our high-quality photos to fit your brand. We believe that every product has the potential to look as good as it does on the inside and outside.

How It Works

Professional photography is the ultimate way to improve your site’s conversion rates. Professional photos increase sales, links, and search engine rankings.

Below we show you how professional photos are shot and edited at our product photography studio.

You Ship It—We Shoot It

Be bold, be brave, go ahead, and hit send. We’re ready to turn your compelling product photos into money-making pieces of art. Just you, your product, and our expert photographers—that’s all we need for success!

We craft successful product photography that attracts customers wherever your online shoppers are shopping.

We brand, retouch, and color-correct your photos, so they tell an honest story about your product. We use the highest quality camera gear, lighting equipment, and backdrops to create stunning visuals that help you profit more.

Our team of perfectionists will craft new opportunities for sales with stunning images of each unique item you ship us. Choose the package that suits your needs best, and let us worry about the rest!

Get Your Photos and Start Selling

Our photos are optimized for an eCommerce website.

We will keep you informed on how it's going with your photos. Once we have finished the photo editing process for eCommerce, we will send them back to your account if on a dropbox or a google drive.

Your products will look beautiful online, whether they are in a skybox or full bleed, in an ad or search results, in a dark or light theme. Our years of experience mean our photos are created with the ideal dimensions and look best when paired with others.

Our Product Photography Is Different

Our product photography is different! It's got an edge, you know. Now, this might make you think there's some link selling or hidden agenda, but there are none! The truth is, we're just all about creating awesome product photos for your online store or marketing campaigns.

We don't believe in the cheesy photo style that makes people want to click away. Our product photography will have your potential customers checking out the different colors, and variations and even requesting off-the-hook image rotations.

You'll be so impressed you'll want us to do more than just your product photos! Oh yeah, we also love doing:

Use Your Product Photos to Sell on Almost Any Online Channel

Your product photos are often the first thing potential buyers see about the items you offer, so they need to be high quality, professional-looking and reflect all the positive features.

You can also sell on almost any online channel using your product photos, including eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, AliExpress, etc.

Our product photos will be automatically optimized for use across the web. Reach the largest audience possible by using great photos to boost traffic and conversions on all of your online channels

Whatever Your Product—We Can Shoot It!

You want your product to shine—we've got you covered! Our talented, experienced eCommerce product photographers know what it takes to shoot product photos in the best possible natural lighting or artificial light.

And because we can shoot virtually anywhere, you don't have to worry about space constraints because our photo studio isn't limited by location. Get in touch with us and let's start making your products stand out!


  • Make a Visual Impact

    Wherever selling your products or promoting your products, the first impression is very important. MaKE a good first impression and leave a lasting visual impact to bring more potential customers.
  • Make Everyone Look Good

    All websites like vendors that can provide nice, creative photos. They need nice creative photos to promote your products on their home page, newsletters, and other places. In turn, it makes them look better too!
  • Bigger Branding

    Always aim to make your company appear bigger than you really are. Professional creative photos are the best tool. Customers trust the company that can afford to be stylish, and it will promote that your product as high end.


  • Working with pencil one was as easy and seamless as it gets- they were communicative, did all lifestyle photography and creative photography on time and as requested, and creative photos are a good quality. We definitely suggest them!

    Jenny Callentine
  • Great communication skills and really try their absolute best to provide the best images possible. Their prices are very reasonable. I see a really bright future for Pencil One. Highly recommend!

    Zoya Ramzan
  • PENCIL ONE does an excellent job of capturing creative photos of our products in a consistent and well-thought-out way. Turnaround time is exceptionally fast and they are great people to work with.

    Mark Folkrod
  • First engagement. Quality service and value. Great account/project management. Would recommend and use again.

    John Blake
  • Great work, in zero time- We are a startup for healthcare sensors, we needed new pictures in reasonable cost and quick response time: Tong came to our office to pick up the product and returned it in a few days. Took creative photos and edited as needed for our website. Highly recommended, would use his creative photography and lifestyle photography service again in the future.
    Yechiel Engelhard

Frequently Asked Questions

This answer largely depends on the type of product photography that your photographer or photography service offers. Luckily, you can get still life product photography, flat-lay photography, 360-degree product photography, images with models wearing your products, lifestyle photographs, white background photographs, detailed photographs, group photographs, and more.

Yes, product photography images can be shot using a model, but this largely depends on whether or not the photographer you hire offers model product photography as part of their services.

Including models in your product photography can be a huge help. It helps your customers understand what they're buying and gives you a professional appearance. However, as you can see, it is pricey and not suitable for every application.

If you pay by the hour, expect to pay anywhere from $25 to more than $500, with an average rate of $94 to $262 per hour. If you have specific needs and a diverse range of products, a photographer may prefer this type of pricing. 

Expect to pay between $300 and $3,000 per day. Paying by the day makes calculating how much you'll spend easier than paying by the hour. However, you must ensure that your project necessitates a full day of the photographer's time.

The next option is to pay based on the number of images required. Remember that you may require more than one image for each product. Prices for individual images range from $10 to more than $400.

Finally, there is the price per product. This may be an option if all of your products are similar, as the photographer will be able to estimate how long the shoot will take and how much effort will be required. With average rates ranging from $20 to $85, the more products you have, the less you'll pay per product.

A product photographer's job entails photographing products for use in advertisements, promotions, and other marketing materials. As a product photographer, you frequently work in a studio setting to create studio images. Other responsibilities may include researching a brand or product to ensure that your photos correspond to the brand's image.

Typically, the image is used to sell the product, and the final image can be used in a catalog, brochure, or website. You will see examples of product photography whenever you open an advertisement, a weekly ad from your local grocery store, or visit a website where items are for sale.

A product photographer photographs people and products for promotional purposes. They benefit from their creativity in order to capture compelling and unique shots. In general, they work in their studio or travel to different locations to take specific types of photos, such as school portraits or wedding photos.

There are numerous types of product photography.

Individual Shots

Individual shots focus on a single item and are the most common type of product photography. This type of shot enables the product photographer to highlight specific features of a single product.

Group Shots

When there are multiple products to be photographed, such as a skincare line of products, group shots are used in product photography. Group shots are also widely used when there is a connection between the items, such as in a promotion where a consumer receives one product in exchange for purchasing another.

Detail Shots

The term "detail shots" refers to exactly what the name implies. These are close-up, detailed shots of one of the product's features. Detail shots are used to highlight exceptional features on a product that may not be available on a competitor's product.

360-Degree Shots

360-degree images are especially useful in e-commerce. 360-degree shots allow a consumer to see the entire product from all sides and are the next best thing for customers to visualize holding and touching the product. 360-degree shots require the product photographer to take multiple photographs and then combine them seamlessly into one continuous image.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle product shots are those that show the product as it appears when it is in use. Lifestyle shots are a powerful e-commerce tool because they allow customers to imagine themselves using the product.

Studio Shots

The studio shots are extremely staged and sparse. Shadows are commonly used in studio shots, and they are often much more artistic in appearance than standard product images.

At PENCIL ONE, our goal is to provide our customers with a high volume of high-quality product photography services at a low cost. We combine many years of product photography experience with extensive lighting knowledge and attention to detail. When you choose to work with us, we take the time to fully understand your project so that we can deliver the exact images your brand requires.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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