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3 Ways to Present Your Product by Different Views

When taking a photo of your product, it can be tempting to take it face on so the customers can see what they would see on a store shelf. However, a flat photograph can never fully capture the angles of a three dimensional product. Presenting your product by different views is a significant photography tips for all eCommerce sellers.

Slight angle photography techniques will give the product the sense of tangibility, as well as a chance for the client to see more detail in the product. It will allow for a variety of reflections that would be present in day to day use, as well as feature the silhouettes that give the product photo dimension. A little manipulation, while still staying true to the product and its uses, will go a long way in ensuring your image is clear and professional.


The Back View of Your Product

A beautiful product should be covered in every direction. Don’t forget that consumers want to see the back of a product too! Once a customer has bought a product, they will be using it and looking at it from a multitude of directions. Some companies shy away from showing the backside of their items, but a customer will soon enough find out what’s back there anyways. Embrace the fact that consumers want to know all about your products. Professional product photography companies use these backside angles to round out a complete product photoshoot. They are able to provide you with images from the front, sides, inside, up close, and back to your items. This method of shooting gives a potential customer the complete ability to look at your product as if they were holding it in front of them. Their pictures are shot with the goal of the images being able to fully acquaint a completely new customer with your items. Even if someone has no prior knowledge of the products you make, the pictures can quickly educate them and make them feel at ease with what you have to offer.


Showing the back angles of your product gives customers new ideas about how it can be used, or where it can be placed in their home or work environments. Knowing the shape and dimensions ensures that a customer is not surprised once your product arrives with them. There is nothing worse than expectantly waiting for a new item only to discover it is completely the wrong shape or size and won’t fit into the designated role that was intended for it.



Customers always appreciate honesty and showing every nook and cranny of your products builds a great relationship with new buyers. With no surprises on the table, customers will be more likely to recommend your products to their friends and family members as well. There is so much more to your product than what first meets the eye; product photography companies help you to fully capture those details with their back-angle photo deals.


The Side View of Your Products

While head-on pictures are important for every product listing, they often lack the true details about your items.  If you only show a straight-on picture of a book, for example, a customer will not be able to tell how thick it is or the materials used in the cover. Turn that book just slightly and you now have an interesting picture that shows consumers the length of the book, the cover material, and how large the entire book will be on their shelf.


The professional product photography company knows how to show the best sideways angle for every product you have to offer. Offering a secondary viewing angle is crucial in landing new customers, and it’s the key to your success. Looking at an item from the side gives a sense of the depth and size of an otherwise flat product stuck on a computer screen. From the front and back, a limousine just looks like a normal car. It’s not until you see a limo from the side that you can appreciate the true elegance it boasts. Why are you letting customers only see the front of your “limo”?



Your products have so much potential that is being wasted by only posting pictures from a front vantage point. The product photography company use the product information, what it does, how a customer will use it, and the strongest selling points, to choose the perfect custom side-angles for your specific items. This results in customers having the ability to interact with your product listings in 360-degree detail. Not only does fully showing your products immediately start to boost sales, it sets you apart from competing brands and services. When a customer is browsing a product catalog online, it is vital to offer details that set your company apart from the rest. Show you care about your product photos by taking the time to have them professionally completed. Never again have your income hindered by boring and flat single-image product listings that provide no actual information!


The Inside View of Your Product

If you bought a beautiful cup only to find out it could only hold a tiny sip of water, you would be extremely disappointed. Sometimes the outer appearance of a product can be deceiving, leaving customers frustrated and seeking a new company. By taking and posting pictures of the inside of your products, you can eliminate any doubts about the functionality of your items.


So many companies use a flashy outside to cover up a terrible product. While this may lead to high initial sales, the tables will soon turn as customers flood in with angry reviews. Do not follow in the footsteps of these questionable business practices. Put your products to the test by showing all the details on the inside! Customers can view the exact specifications and small details with our high-quality photos of the inside of your items. Consumers will be able to review the specific strengths your product offers, and then make an educated buying decision with your strong product line.



Showing the inside of your products is a valuable and easy step that is often missed in product listings. Shockingly, customers are often left to purchase products that they have never been able to see inside of. That should be unacceptable to any company that holds itself to professional business standards. Professional Product Photography Company sets up your products to perfectly document the outside angles before moving to the inner workings of your items.



Regardless of size, if it has an inside it needs to be captured! The experienced photography company is able to bring the inside to life on objects of any size. From handbags, backpacks, storage containers, wallets, and electronic cases, to makeup kits, clothing, toolboxes, and even vehicles, we can capture it all! Showing the authentic cotton lining of a jacket can be the determining factor in a customer purchasing that item! Skipping over hidden pockets and creative designs in bags and wallets will lead to consumers moving on without understanding your product, leaving you with a lost profit that you could have easily won.


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