White Background Photos Are Required for Most eCommerce Marketplaces

White Background Product Photography

White background photography are staples for all eCommerce, catalogs and online businesses. Check our options below.

If your the graphic design of your company website is focusing on a brand of clean, uncluttered and modern feelings, a white background is a timeless classic. If you will eventually sell your product through a third-party online shopping site, it’s important to realize that Amazon is the largest user of white background product photographs. Scrolling through the items available on Amazon, it’s clear to see the value behind a white background as you’re set to sell your product on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Image background is important. Using a white background is a fantastic opportunity to ensure your product looks neat and that the lines in your image remain clean. It may seem boring, but it creates a clear image that promises quality, professionalism, and attention to detail in a product. The brightening needed for a white background photo allows for more features of your product to be highlighted, giving the customer a well-rounded impression of your product. With a white background, there is no chance of the setting of your product will overpower the product itself – no busy backdrops to distract your potential customers. Your client sees exactly what you’re offering

When taking a white background photo, it’s important to make sure that the product is well lit, and all edges are highlighted appropriately. It’s considerably harder than it seems to take a high-quality white background product photograph, which is why we at PENCIL ONE pride ourselves on ensuring we take the best photo we can. We ensure every item is well lit and brightened so your product looks its absolute best, no matter where you choose to feature it.

Black & Pure White Background Photos3 Important Selections

Background color, view angle and reflection are the 3 most important factors affecting product photos. Follow our instructions to make selections or visit the product images library for some ideas.


Colorful and textured photography backdrops make a special product unique. A good selection will make a strong visual impact. However, the background white is required for both ecommerce store and the brick and mortar store.

View angle

Front and side view angles are usually considered necessary for most products. Backside, detail, and functional views are good to show more features of the product, such as material, finish, specifications, etc. Showing angle photos on the product page is a great way to reduce the return rate.


The reflection effect and natural light are definitely good choices for jewelry and watch sales. Fashion accessories and products made in shiny materials are also good candidates. It is not recommended to use reflection and black backdrop for oversized products.

Front View

Front view is required for any eCommerce sales websites.

Side View

Side view is usually used as a secondary photo for showing more information about the product.

Back View

Back view is important for a functional product.

Detail Shot

Detail shots are a popular perspective to show product texture or finishing.

Functional Photos

There are many products with interesting features. This view will help to illustrate them in the best way.

Reflection on Black

A black background is awesome for some products. We also can shoot reflection on black or white color background to showcase reflective products.

Invisible Mannequin

Invisible Mannequin technique is a good fit for all types of apparel products. We can shoot hats, tops, bottoms, leggings, and socks in the right shape.

Customized background

You know your product more than we do. If you think a special background fits better with your product, please tell us.

HIGH VOLUME OF PHOTOS? No need to worry! Our price per photo will go down when you order more photos. Our professional product photographer will work with you to give you the flexibility you need.


  • eCommerce Needs Professional Photos

    There are billions of products listed on Amazon, eBay, and other popular online marketplaces. Store owners need to have quality photos to stand out in the crowd. Improve product images, get a higher click rate and increased revenue.
  • Flash Sale Site Accepted

    PENCIL ONE photos are recognized by most flash sale sites. Our photos meet their requirements, which will make your experience much easier online.
  • Social Media Content

    Social media needs frequent updates. Professional photos will make people interested in your products and trust your brand. You will get more likes, more shares, especially with a creative shot.


  • Very pleased with my photos from PENCIL ONE. I needed photos for my website that were professional and that could provide good detail. Ryan and his team were a pleasure to work with and provided all of my photos in a very timely manner. I highly recommend using them, especially if you need good quality photos for your website.
    Kathy Nyman
  • Very satisfied with the service and quality. Started using Pencil One for new products but have been finding myself redoing existing products because the quality is excellent and their ability to figure out what I'm looking for is spot on. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for high quality photography with top of the line customer service.

    Nick Robelet
  • Had a great experience with pencil one! The product photography was phenomenal and their communication was excellent. We will definitely be ordering more photos from them shortly!

    Hanson Grant
  • Exceptional customer service and fast turnaround! We've been very happy with the quality of the product photography Pencil One has provided to us. Their service has proven to be invaluable to our small business!

    Jimmy C
  • I contacted Pencil One because I was desperate. I had seen their amazing work and assumed they were expensive. After several attempts to create take our own “professional” photos, I decided to contact Pencil One. What an amazing company!! They were easy contact. Their prices were fabulous. And above all, they produced perfect photos!! Don’t waste your time trying to do it without Pencil One!!

    Kimberly Rogers









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