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Want to Improve eCommerce Revenue?

The First Step is Improve Product Photos

Excellent Product Photography Services, our commitment to exceptional quality.

Ecommerce product photography services may seem like a simple enough concept to create beautiful high-quality photos of your products. But this simple concept opens up an entire world of possibilities.

You’re new to the world of eCommerce, you’ve set up your brand new website, but something isn’t right. Your product photos lack something. Your imagery is dull and unappealing.

To fix these issues, you turn to eCommerce professional product photography services

Good photography can draw customers in and convert them into sales, so it’s imperative you select a professional photographer for your business. At PENCIL ONE, we are committed to providing you with product photos that match your needs.

Want to Improve eCommerce Revenue?

The First Step is to improve your product photos.

A professional product photography service that combines technical expertise with a keen eye for creating amazing product photos. When you need a close-up shot to show off features or want to highlight the color and detail of every part of the item, say hello to eCommerce photography services.

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Grow Your Business & Drive Sales With Our eCommerce Professional Photography Services

PENCIL ONE is a leader in eCommerce product photography services, specializing in clothing, jewelry, home goods, food, beauty, and luxury consumer products. With an incomparable portfolio, professionalism, and reliability, our in-house team of photographers and retouchers will help you build and maintain the desired product photography of your brand.

We provide high-quality product photos and various forms of product photography to suit any potential brand requirements. The photos we produce are accepted by all major eCommerce platforms.

If you are a small start-up and don’t have the necessary resources or knowledge to produce consistent and high-quality eCommerce photographs—not to worry, let us be your solution.

We have a fully equipped onsite photography studio and experienced professionals to help you simplify the process and ensure the completion of high-volume capacity projects. Our photographers, product stylists, retouchers, and designated client liaisons are ready to listen to the objectives of your brand and make communication easy so you can get the most of our product photography services.

We provide specialized and diverse options for eCommerce product photography to match your specific needs. This includes industry-standard white background photos that are accepted by all major eCommerce platforms.

We also offer mannequin and on-model photos as well as creative lifestyle settings ranging from tabletop-sized to full room customizable scenes. Leave everything to us.

Our post-processing team will handle all the retouching, color correction, resizing, and formatting necessary to meet all eCommerce marketplace requirements. Our photos help clients attract attention to their products like never before.

Let our product photography services help your business grow!

The best way to display a product photo with all of the details. We will shoot one product with various angles including front view, side view, back view, top view, and detail. You also have choices of different background colors to best present your product.
This eCommerce photography style is for customers who are looking for overall visual impact and a stylish aesthetic, using tools such as room settings, model shots, lifestyle, etc. Our art directors and stylists will set up the scene in our photography studio to present your product photo in the best way to pop out product features.
The best way to display fashion-related products is by working with real models. This works with items such as apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, and jewelry. Lighting, stylist, and location are very important factors. A good combination will improve the visual impact.

Some of what we offer:

Product photography is visual merchandising! Your products are the stars in your e-store. A customer's experience begins with their eyes, and imagery has proven to increase conversions quite simply by persuading customers to buy more.

We offer hands-on experience in commercial photography. Our photographers are available to work onsite or virtually for your business company marketing needs.

Do you need high-resolution product photos to build your eCommerce site, social media posts, advertising campaigns, online marketing campaigns, or marketing collateral? We help you capture the essence of your products in the best light possible through different perspectives.

We have a different look that can be applied to any product in the best format in the market. Our key thing is to get to the essence of your products through lighting, camera angles, and post-editing.

Open up an almost limitless world of background customization to your product photography. Visualize your designs in multiple backgrounds or put your product into real-world environments or fictional settings. Change the background and style of any real-life image to suit your intended design and project.

This is achieved by utilizing photo editing software. We create unique and custom photo editing services for both individuals and businesses working with your budget and schedule.

We offer reflection control in photography for your products and we will give you the best advice and results for this type of photography.

Reflection control is a process used to limit or eliminate reflections, glare, and shine from shiny surfaces, especially those that might appear in the image as distracting detail.

Want to make your product stand apart? Let our expert photography service and retouching give you the edge! This is where detail close-ups will come in.

We create photographs that show every detail of your products in high-resolution images that will give the buyer more confidence when they spend money on your products.

Before a potential client is about to make a purchase, you want to get the perfect photo of a product before deciding to buy it. This way, the buyer can zoom in and even rotate to see every angle of your product to see if the small details are exactly what they are looking for.

When it comes to your brand, nothing is more important than consistency—especially when it comes to color. We get that. The inability to accurately match colors in advertising, marketing, and even sometimes in product labeling is a major problem for businesses.

That's why we use an extensive color library and built-in controls to ensure your images match your brand. Our expert team of photographers employs advanced digital photography and video tools to ensure accurate color reproduction using tools like color mapping, color matching, and color enhancement techniques.

This is a sample text. You can click on it to edit it inline or open the element options to access additional options for this element.

Modeling shots are commonly used by product manufacturers to display the appearance, details, and usage of their products. The purpose of a modeled shot is to give an accurate perspective of how people will see and interact with the item or place. Typically, this type of photograph is done in a studio and features a model and the actual product.

Models are employed to display products featuring accessories, clothing, jewelry, or any other objects that may require human contact. The photographs are then put into various creative layouts to portray what can be or what could be.

Use Photos Worry Free:

Ready to jump on the attractive, clear, and appealing product photography bandwagon? We thought you might be!

There is a whole world of opportunities waiting for you and your photos and we’re going to show you right now where to do it.

With the rise of eCommerce and the competitive nature of online stores and brands to not only attract potential customers but also retain their loyalty, one of the most crucial tools to attract and make a sale is by using images.

Product photography is not only enhancing your product pages but also boosting sales.

Good product photography is an essential tool for any company's website. For some products, it can be the deciding factor on whether or not a customer makes a purchase.

This is useful in creating that perfect photo need for online sales by showing off your products while creating a desire in your customers to pay for the product.

Product photography for promotional prints is about promoting goods and services by selling your items with product photography.

This is applicable to any type of merchandise, including things like t-shirts, mugs, posters, or even accessories like watches or jewelry.

These days, product photography is an important marketing technique to come up in the various sale events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The main objective of it is to allow attendees and buyers to easily pick and compare the products and make purchase decisions with their eyes.

Public relations (PR) professionals know that images are one of the top factors when it comes to bringing in new business. You can pitch your idea to a potential client, but it’s not until you show them a visual representation of the proposal in action that they’ll realize its true value.

This is why PR and marketing companies understand the importance of product photography for their clients.

Product photography at a professional quality is not just nice to have—it’s a fundamental visual element of retail brands and businesses.

It helps you communicate your product's look, feel, and positioning in a way that words just can’t. It creates an emotional bond with customers which encourages them to buy now.

Choosing the right product photography depends upon various things. It all begins with your choice of photographer. You need to be clear about your requirements before you make your choice.

Try our Creative Photos with:

If you want to create an impact on your customers, it is vital that you create a great—and use—appealing design.

In the field of eCommerce, product photography is an important element. It can be used as a form of marketing, to introduce a new product to the market, or as a way to display new stock on your retail store.

Product photography is a great way to improve the look of your eCommerce site, and more importantly, improve the click-through rate. That's why it's important for many online sellers to make the effort to provide more appealing pictures on their product pages.

Flash sales are gaining in popularity. To get the highest conversion rates possible, it's important to take the time to do things like display high-quality images of your products, and vary your sale's landing page design.

Product photography plays an important role in the unique product identity process. It gives a much better look and feel for your customers to see a well-composed and appealing product photograph, and it actually makes it easier to sell the product as well.

Product photography makes or breaks your company brand image, product selling ability, and hence the business. Although many indie entrepreneurs are not aware of this fact.

A picture can be worth a thousand words when it comes to selling online. A good picture with an out-of-the-box packaging design can change the fortunes of small businesses overnight. 

Although creating a lasting impression on your customers is crucial for being successful in business. Personalized service and quality, affordable goods will always be the key to successful marketing.

However, in today's market consumers' memories may not be so great anymore.  To give your customers something they will remember, you must have excellent product photography.

The signage industry is comparable to the foodservice industry in terms of image factors. Having excellent product photography for your print banners will help grow your business faster.

Great banners need HD pictures to represent your products, services, and brand in a very vibrant way.


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You will get top-of-the-line photography services without ever overpaying. No hidden fees to surprise you at the end. Other photographers charge daily project fees, equipment rental fees, usage fees, and a variety of other hidden fees. With PENCIL ONE, there is no minimum order—whether you order one photo or a hundred, we will treat you as a valued customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the cost of e-commerce photography services. There are several factors that will influence the pricing - your products, your business, and your image requirements. 


Depending on the kind of studio involved (independent or full-service), there are different ways that clients can be charged for product photography services. A studio can charge by the hour or daily rate and the fixed rate will depend on whether it’s for still images or 360 images, which require the use of more specialized software and equipment. The rates will further vary if your image requirements are different per product. In this case, charging by the day or hour makes perfect sense.


The studio can also charge by the product, which will provide an unlimited number of images per product. The pricing structure can come with certain conditions though - the studio can choose to put a limit on the number of images it can produce or it can charge a different rate per product. 


Another pricing option is per image, which is preferred by a lot of service providers because it matches their cost structure and they get paid for every image produced for the client. 


As a client, you should be prepared for additional charges that the studio may have due to several factors, which include product weight and size, product prep and styling, layout, and set construction.

Anyone can take pictures of their products using their smartphone camera, especially if you have those high-end ones armed with a 50-megapixel plus screw-on lens. There are certain products that can be photographed well with just a smartphone. Additional equipment such as tripods will make your images more consistent. With adequate knowledge of lighting and setup, as well as knowledge of image editing tools, you can produce good images for your products. However, if you don’t have the technical skills to do it, especially for products that require more expertise to photograph, it’s wise to invest in product photography services.

It’s an industry that deals with producing high-quality images of products for commercial use, mainly as a representation of products that are sold online.  The aim is to showcase the products to attract potential customers to buy them. The photography services are utilized not just for online use, but also for physical materials, including leaflets, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and magazine ads.

Given how pictures influence the decision of customers to buy the product, you can never discount the importance of product photography. Aside from certifying the product’s quality, it also serves as a window into an eCommerce store, promoting trust and transparency to your brand. 

High-quality images that represent products in the best light possible result in higher click rates, which can result in better sales. It leads to a boost in revenue as it reduces the return rate and increases conversion. eCommerce photography is an important tool in building trust with customers. Visual assets are core to a brand story and they make the business look more trustworthy and personable. 

The tools for product photography include a camera, a tripod, lighting equipment, and image editing tools. Cameras that can be used range from high-quality smartphone cameras to the DSLR cameras used by most professionals.

Guidelines are needed to ensure the quality of images to be used for showcasing products. Factors such as focal length, consistency, composition, saturation, shadows, and color palette should be used consistently to meet product branding.