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Product Photography Services, our committment to exceptional quality.

PENCIL ONE is a leader in eCommerce product photography services, specializing in clothing, jewelry, home goods, food, beauty, and luxury consumer products. With incomparable professionalism and reliability, our in-house team of photographers and retouchers will help you build and maintain the desired product photography of your brand. We provide top-tier online photos and various forms of product photography to suit any potential brand requirements. The photos we produce are accepted by all major eCommerce platforms.

If you don’t have the necessary resources or knowledge to produce consistent and high-quality eCommerce photographs; not to worry, let us be your experts. We have fully equipped onsite studios and experienced professionals to help you simplify the process and ensure completion of high-volume capacity projects. Our photographers, product stylists, retouchers and designated client-liaisons are ready to listen to the objectives of your brand and make communication easy so you can get the most of our product photography services.

We provide specialized and diverse options for eCommerce product photography to match your specific needs. Which includes industry standard white background photos that are accepted by all major eCommerce platforms. We also offer mannequin and on-model images as well as creative lifestyle settings ranging from tabletop-sized to full room customizable scenes. Leave everything to us. Our post-processing team will handle all the retouching, color correction, resizing, and formatting necessary to meet all eCommerce marketplace requirements. Our photos help clients attract attention to their products like never before.

Let our product photgraphy services help your business grow!

The best way to display a product with all of the details. We will shoot one product with various angles including front view, side view, back view, top view and detail. You also have choices of different background colors to best present your product.
This ecommerce photography style is for customers who are looking for overall visual impact and a stylish aesthetic, using tools such as room settings, model shots, lifestyle, etc. Our art directors and stylists will set up the scene in our studio to present your product in the best way to pop out product features.
The best way to display a fashion related product is working with real models. This works with items such as apparel, footwear, fashion accessories and jewelry. Lighting, stylist and location are very important factors. A good combination will improve the visual impact.

Some of what we offer:

  • Any Perspective
  • Background Customization
  • Reflection Control
  • Detail Close Ups
  • Spot-on Color Matching
  • Creative shots
  • Modeled shots

Use Photos Worry Free:

  • Online Selling
  • Company Website
  • Promotional Prints
  • Sales Events
  • Public Relations
  • Store Display
  • The choice is yours!

Try our Creative Photos with:

  • Great visual impact
  • Higher click rate
  • Flash sale sites needed
  • Unique Product identity
  • Better Brand Image
  • Long lasting impression
  • Excellent for Banner Photos


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your happiness with your project. We will work with every client to meet individual needs. The more you tell us the better we can meet your requirements. Don't be afraid to let us know if something bothers you, we are always open to discuss re-shooting. Our specialists want to deliver a product you can be proud of.

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Tired of talking to automated answering systems? Our coordinators and photographers will talk to you directly. Your emails will be answered in 24 hours.

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We are working so hard on customer communication because we understand eCommerce business need to minimize communication. It is a valuable resource.

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You have unlimited right of usage for any promotion materials. We don't charge usage fees. Your usage rights never expires.

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You will get top of the line photography services without ever overpaying. No hidden fees to surprise you at the end. Other photographers charge daily project fees, equipment rental fees, usage fees, and a variety of other hidden fees. No minimum order. Whether you order one photo or a hundred, we will treat you as a valued customer.