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Build A Sample Pool As product photo Standard For Brand

The socially conscious brand, DIFF Eyewear, uses fashion as a force of good. The profits made from their handmade eyewear have helped bring over 1,500,00 pairs of reading glasses to individuals in need around the world. Their range of eyewear has been developed using high-quality materials and each pair is handcrafted to perfection. In order to widen their reach, DIFF eyewear collaborated with PENCIL ONE to produce more professional-looking, consistent products photos on their eCommerce site.

INDUSTRY: Apparel & Fashion | COMPANY SIZE: 50-100 | YEAR FOUND: 2014

PRODUCT CATEGORY: Eyeglasses | NEEDS: Show truth of material and consistent photo

Build A Sample Pool As product photo Standard For Brand

The Need

Brands such as DIFF Eyewear need to reflect the truth of the materials they use to handcraft their products and colors and textures need to be consistent in order to do this. This helps to build trust and brand awareness. The quality of photos can make or break a deal on an eCommerce site as potential customers aren’t able to view the products in person, therefore, the clearer and more consistent, the better. This is why working with PENCIL ONE has been key to DIFF Eyewear’s success.

The Challenge

Photo consistency is essential in product photography, particularly when it’s necessary to portray the same materials and colors. This is the case with eyewear. DIFF’s handmade glasses all have unique designs, however they’re made from the same frame material or include the same lens. The challenge with product photography is that using different angles and settings, or even different photos can change the look of the color and texture of the product material. If two separate pieces of eyewear are made from the same materials, this needs to be evident in the product photos, even if they’ve been shot differently.

The Solution

PENCIL ONE uses a particular methodology, the image-parameter process, to ensure photo consistency. In DIFF Eyewear’s case, they worked together to establish a material sample as a standard. Each material, for both frames and lenses, was clearly identified and labelled and this information was incorporated into the editing process. It was essential that DIFF Eyewear was on board with the labeling of all materials to ensure accuracy. Once this established standard was created, an exact color and texture was matched to each type of material listed.

The Result

By using the latest in photo editing tools to ensure complete accuracy in the matching of colors and textures, eyewear made from the same material was depicted with consistency. All product photos clearly show the color and texture of each unique material. This is also the case across different designs that use the same materials. PENCIL ONE, therefore, helped DIFF Eyewear get to the root of the problem and enabled them to create consistent photos that appeal more to their customers.

PENCIL ONE uses this method to create more accuracy in product photos. Their developed image-parameter process ensures new standards of quality and professionalism. They work closely with eCommerce businesses to help them use photos to successfully promote their products and gain a competitive edge.

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