Involving QR Code In The File Naming Process

MILTON, the family-owned firm, operates from two stores in New England and recently launched a new eCommerce site to reach new audiences and respond to changing consumer expectations. The site is a work in progress which and one which the senior team are working hard to develop so that they can create the same type of shopping experience online that their customers enjoy in-store.

INDUSTRY: eCommerce Retail | COMPANY SIZE: 30-50 | YEAR FOUND: 1947

PRODUCT CATEGORY: Apparel | NEEDS: Fast turnaround & Accurate file naming

Involving QR Code In The File Naming Process

The Need

The client expects to drop off the merchandise on Monday and have photos back by the same Friday so they can post the photos out and catch the weekend sales. It's also required that the finished photos be renamed to be named after a pre-determined product-relavent code. In general, the client is looking for a quicker turnaround, easier product vs. shot list checking process, and an error-free file name.

The Challenge

There are two challenges in the process. 1) The received merchandise sometimes doesn't 100% match the shot list. As a direct result, it takes time for both ends to figure out what has been missing, what is sent as extra outside of the specified shot list, or what has been sent twice. We typically waste one or two days to clarify the shot list vs. received merchandise. 2) There can be a typo in the file name during the manual renaming process, which creates difficulty to manage the digital assets on the client end.

The Solution

PENCIL ONE introduced a QR code and invite the client to collaborate using the QR code to manage the product vs. shot list checking process. The process likes like the below:
  1. The client will send PENCIL ONE the product list that is coming and need photos for. On that product list, the client will specify the required file name per SKU per angle.
  2. PENCIL ONE received the shot list and convert it into a printable QR label format, sent it back to the client so they can print out and place the QR label on each merchandise.
  3. Client sends the merchandise and PENCIL ONE will scan the QR label and confirm receiving all the merchandise specified on the shot list.
  4. The QR label will be placed next to the product during the shooting so it's been captured along with the product image.
  5. In post-production, our system reads the QR code, auto-renames the photo, and removes the QR code from the product image.

The Result

By providing the client a printable QR label, it helps our client to self-check the amount of the products that are plan to send vs. actual send. This tool greatly eliminates the situation of miss sending products, double sending products, or sending wrong products.

The QR label saves time and effort from both ends and decreases the turnaround from originally 7 business days to now 3 - 4 business days.

Involving the QR code in the renaming process eliminates human error and guarantees the file name is provided 100% accurate to client specified names.

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