9 Essential Benefits of Quality Product Photography for eCommerce Success

Discover the transformative power of high-quality product photography in eCommerce, showcasing how compelling product images can significantly boost click rates, increase conversions, and build brand trust, ultimately driving sales and reducing returns. Explore the myriad benefits of investing in professional product photography with PENCIL ONE to enhance your online presence and success.
9 Essential Benefits of Quality Product Photography for eCommerce Success

Imagine you're shopping online or come across a post offering a detailed description of an item but without any photos of the product, or worse, the images are blurry. What's your first impression? Likely, hesitation or lack of trust. Would you proceed to buy it, or would you leave the site in search of a better-presented offer?

This scenario highlights a critical aspect of eCommerce that many sellers overlook: the power of a good product photograph. It's not just about displaying your product; it's about presenting it in a way that engages, convinces, and converts. Here lies the bridge between merely listing a product and making a sale.

Good product photography does more than just show off your items. It plays a pivotal role in building customer trust, setting expectations, and guiding purchasing decisions. In a digital shopping environment where tactile examination isn't possible, your product photos are the frontline of your brand's quality and reliability. This is where the benefits of good product photos come into play, offering eCommerce sellers a plethora of advantages:

1. Higher Click Rate

Most customers are going to leave that sale behind and move on to a product with better product photography. The easiest and best way to increase sales in your ecommerce business is to provide images of your product. The more images you have, you increase website traffic by having a better click rate. An image speaks much more than words when it comes to online sales. Think of all the benefits that good photos can bring!

2. Boost Revenue

Images will boost revenue, increase sales and website traffic easily. You will reduce your return rate and increase conversation with effective eCommerce marketing. The IRCE Report, where 75% of them listed the quality of the product images as the most important feature when shopping online, followed by showing alternative views of the product with a 66% and zoom with 61%. Do not miss the chance for online sales. Simply show your product online the way it is in person and you will have greater success with revenue.

3. Increase Page Visitor Amount

The image is worth a thousand words, and in online sales, this is completely true. A minuscule 16% of readers actually read word-for-word— 79% just skim for the highlights. When online shopping across a diverse network of eCommerce retailers, for many people no images means no go. Images help us scan for what we need much faster. So few people actually read the pages, so good photos will make buyers stick around for the details. Boost the number of people seeing your product. Create website traffic that increases sales through creating interest in your eCommerce business.

4. Reduce Returns

Effective eCommerce sellers know that commercial photography will reduce returns. In terms of online sales, 22% of online returns are due to an item “looking different than the photos.” Product photography is essential, but not always done correctly. If your item is a different color than the photo you may find yourself refunding those sales. Boost the revenue you keep from your sales by working with a product photography company you trust.

5. Increase Conversion

Elevate your conversion rates by creating more website traffic, boosting online sales and reaping the benefits of great images and a commercial product photography company that gives you the quality you need. Some effective eCommerce strategies are unique ones. DueMaternity.com, an online maternity retailer, found that by investing in rotating 360° product images they were able to increase their conversion rate by 27%. Images come in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes 3D! Consider what you could be doing differently to boost interest in your online sales.

6. Build Trust

65% of senior marketing executives agree that visual assets are core to a brand story, something that is key to making your business appear more personable and trustworthy. Every effective eCommerce strategist knows that in order to increase sales, build their eCommerce business and have great website traffic is to build customer trust. A return customer is a valuable customer and will be the key to growth within your online sales. Product photography is a huge part of building that trust. Images that show that a company cares will easily boost the trust of buyers. Commercial product photography is most trustworthy when shown in variety such as a good balance of lifestyle and white background photos to satisfy every detail of your product. Trust is important, so show your customers images that benefit them while buying.

7. Strengthen Brand

The most effective way to create a strong and unified brand image is with images of course! The benefits of a strong brand are potential to increase sales, website traffic, and effective eCommerce strategies. If your brand image is not consistent, you will look less trustworthy and unified as a brand. Buyers want stability, having product photography that is in a unified style will make your brand look sharp. Lifestyle and white background photos should have their own style that your company embraces for the most attractive commercial photography use.

8. Images are shareable

How shareable are your images? Do you have a strong social media presence? If not, then why are you missing out on increasing your sales? 74% of the population rely on social networks for information about purchasing decisions. The benefits of a shareable image are obvious, you will greatly boost visibility and sales by generating website traffic to your eCommerce business from other websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have great product photography, getting shares should be a breeze. Maybe it will be someone just showing their friend or maybe someone popular reps your product. Don’t miss out on the chance to increase sales through social media.

9. Mobile Friendly

52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. Mobile currently accounts for half of all global web pages served. Isn't that crazy? You can miss out on some serious website traffic and online sales if your site is not mobile friendly. If a customer has to wait until they get home to buy your product, there is a chance they will completely forget about you. Or what if they do not own a computer? If you don’t have an app, you best consider a mobile-friendly site to increase your sales for your eCommerce business!


PENCIL ONE is a commercial photography studio specializing in product photography for your eCommerce business. Our specialists work to increase sales, website traffic, click rates, and overall boost your online sales with the benefits of having professional product images. One of the most popular questions we hear is “how to get traffic to your website?” I am sure you can guess our answer. PHOTOGRAPHY! The importance of images in eCommerce is much more influential than people think. Many starting an eCommerce business will ask if it is even needed or don't really care if the photo is any good because they view it as something required but not essential. Let me tell you right here and right now, one of the BIGGEST if not the biggest reason people will buy your product is due to those photos. You will increase your website traffic, your photos will be shareable and your images increase conversion rate EASILY. Commercial photography is effective and necessary for online sales and your eCommerce business.

Our specialists are ready to help with modern strategies for each and every product. We give quick and easy customer service with an efficient turnaround time to optimize your brand marketing. Visit our website to sign up for a consultation and see how easy it can become to boost your revenue today.

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