3 Ways to Get Good Quality Product Photo

3 Ways to Get Good Quality Product Photo

How to get good quality photos? How to cater every shoot to first meet the high quality photography informational shots Amazon requires? We are here providing you with the most useful product photography tips to get the best quality of photo.


How can we make a professional detail shot? The answer is simple: outsource product photography service. Professional product photography company understands the importance of featuring detailed product shots for every item. You can get the following 4 benefits from detailed photos by outsourcing photography services.

Change with Amazon Photo

The Amazon’s new regulations specify that they want environment photos, in use shots, and finally, a detail shot to showcase textures and unique designs that set your products apart. This is where your vendor really comes in to play.

High Quality Amazon Product Photography Service

Professional Photography Company can cater every shoot to first meet the informational shots Amazon requires, and then to bring in creative sets and bring your products to life. They know that it is through clear, informational, and relatable photos that you draw your customers’ attention, and it is through the details that your customers know exactly what they are buying.

Show Your Professionalism

When we talk about showing detailed pictures for your product listings, we aren’t referring to photos that are just “zoomed in” on your items. Anyone can pull out their cell phone, flick the screen to zoom, and then hit the capture button. Oftentimes when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, the zoomed-in shots look even worse than a normal picture. It is essential to use a professional and educated photography team to bring Hollywood magic to your items! Every product deserves high-quality photography with the perfect image resolution.

high quality photography backdrops

Looking at a ring placed against a solid backdrop might get you some sales. Showing the same ring up close with the white gold blazing in the soft light while the diamonds scream in a thousand directions is enough to send anyone’s heart racing. The eCommerce product photography agency gets up close and captures every curve, glimmer, flash, and edge your product boasts. The details are already there. What you should do is to fully bring them out by capturing shots of your products from multiple angles and getting up close and personal to highlight every beautiful detail.

high resoultion product photography for amazon

Catch Customers Eyes

When the competition is fierce, every little detail your product can offer may be the deciding factor on a customer choosing your item. Use every feature your product offers to win the advantage with customers searching to fill their needs.

high quality image photoshoot for ecommerce

By using different photography techniques, visually pleasing and profit-driving, your new product listings will basically sell themselves. Detailed product shots created by a professional photography company will grab a customer’s attention amongst a flood of other items. People quickly scroll through the search results when looking for a product and you only have a split second to lure in a new sale. Your new pictures will provide the details they want in the timeframe they can afford. This is such an easy way to quickly set yourself apart from competitors.

High Quality Product Photography for Ecommerce business

Detail product shots range from elegant close-up sparkles of a diamond or gleam of jewelry to the rugged metal grip of a tool or deep wood tones of a guitar. These seemingly small details are the pictures that stop a customer from browsing by. It is through clear, informational, and relatable photos that you draw your customer's attention, and it is through the details that your customers know exactly what they are buying. A professional product photography service provider helps you ensure that all your products are photographed with the same clarity and efficiency to unify your eCommerce signature and helps you to make a mental connection with viewers by giving your products a lively and full character. They ensure that your name stays at the forefront of the market.

Endless Detail Photography Package

Pencil One a Professional Photography agency always provides you with detailed product pictures, which cannot be easily replicated. The professional gear and working knowledge they use during every step of the artistic process leave you with detailed photos that take away your breath. Customers will be unable to resist clicking the purchase button once they view your amazing products in stunning detail.

You won’t be able to produce items fast enough after a product photography company creates a custom gallery of multi-angle and up-close detailed shots. A cold leather shot so crisply you can smell it. A new computer so beautifully laid out you can hear the keyboard clicking away. Bold, sexy speakers jumping off the screen so hard you can feel the music pumping through the metal grid. Professional photography team gets it done perfectly every time. They use the latest techniques and gear in the photography world to provide you with detailed product images that belong on the pages of a magazine. By using complex lighting setups, custom angles for the perfect perspective, tailored camera lenses, high-quality digital cameras, and creative backgrounds, product photography company builds each of your product photos from the ground up.


Photo consistency should be always listed at the top of the product photography tips. Product photography companies know how important digital photo consistency is. Your clients expect a certain level of image quality from your products, and the professional photography team wants to make sure they know they always get it. Product photography companies create client folders where they document every parameter of a client’s project, including lighting tones, colors, and shooting specifics, meaning at any time they can pull up the best shots from previous products and make sure your new photos look exactly the same style wise. Keeping your digital photos consistent will help increase the quality of photos and help develop a sense of trust between you and your customers.

This is a great process for companies that rely on their digital images to portray their brand.  It also allows for the faster turn-around of future photo shoots and better photo-consistency.  They want to ensure that every client can keep their brand image consistent and remain fully satisfied with the quality of photos.


No matter what you are photographing, clear and clean images are important. Knowing that your photo is free of dust specks, fingerprints, and blurs will give you peace of mind. A photography company that tends to these items in its primary routine checks is one you want to handle your products. They ensure that every photo is blemish free, with a focus on dust and fingerprints – something many of our competitors ignore – so that your product looks its best no matter what. Starting with adjusting the angle to get the best view without any blemishes, they then take the highest quality photo of your product.

While you might be satisfied with a high quality, well angled photo, product Photography Company takes the process a step further by cleaning and polishing the image to perfection. Polishing and cleaning the image allows them to remove any spots or dust marks and adjust both the lightness and color of the image to make your product pop off the page. When your product might be placed next to that of a competitor it’s best to have the upper hand. The competitor may have overlooked any dust smudges, and your polished product will stand out amongst mediocre images.

high quality product photography for commercial use

Take the time to ensure your photo gets the best treatment. Product photography company will do it as a priority, they want your photo to stand out. They know that leaving any dust or fingerprints can sully the impression of your customers, so they strive to make sure your image is crystal clear. First impressions are key, your customer needs to know your product is new, shiny and clean – all of which they’ll see from your photos. Make those impressions count by offering the best digital image and give them the opportunity to see the high quality of your product photos. 

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