5 Reasons to Outsource Your Product Photography

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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Product Photography

Most E-Commerce business owners already have a schedule that is running them ragged. There is not always sufficient time to focus on the product photography that accompanies their products on any number of selling platforms. Putting time aside to set up creative photo shoots can be something that business owners are not putting enough time into.

When you choose to outsource your product photography to a professional E-Commerce Photography service, they can help you with things like settings and lighting as well as other tips for making your products stand out from the others.

Create Images that Meet Platform Requirements

In the online business field, the markets change on a daily basis. What is popular today may be out of fashion in a month. Being able to keep up with the curve and have product photos that are all consistent while meeting platform requirements is an important way to stay relevant in your niche.

A business has to follow a very specific set of regulations for uploading product photographs, making the process more universal, and with less customization. This not only sets a tone for quality but in a way levels the playing field of the online market. 

A professional E-Commerce photography company can capture a great photo of your product up to these standards as with any flash sale site, they can do the file naming for you as well. Flash sale sites are done with customers and businesses who have their own unique and sometimes over the complicated naming system.

With a rapidly changing E-commerce environment in the product photography business, big E-platforms like Amazon, Gilt, Overstock.com, Rue La La, etc, are making it more and more challenging to get your products on their websites because your photos do not meet their standard regulations. More and more people are shopping online and being able to catch the attention of buyers is vital to your business.

Do Formatting for Your Photos

Nothing is worse than searching and searching for an image, unable to find it because you can’t remember what it was named. That’s why sites like Amazon are now implementing a standard file naming system to simplify the process and to ensure that everyone is on the same page. So now, not only are they changing what you can show in a photo, they are also making it so that certain requirements are met in order to upload files to their sites.

Increase the Quality of Your Photos

Sellers who have good product photos see a significant increase in clicks online. Sellers who chose a product photography company to upgrade their current photos saw a click rate improvement of 61% and an immediate sales increase. The customer will trust a well-photographed product. You will also reduce return rates when using an outsourced photography service that can provide spot-on color matching. You need flawless white background shots, but sometimes you want to showcase items creatively too.

Not only will your product photos be at professional grade level, but your site itself will take on a whole new quality when using a professional photography service for your products. Save yourself a ton of time and headaches by trusting the pro's to take care of all the details for you. The more polished a site appears, the more the customer trusts your experience and is more likely to make a purchase. People respond to what they see in pictures, so the level of quality that is shown with your product photography is an integral part of how easily you are able to catch a buyers ‘attention.

Complete Project With Fast Turnaround Time

Using an in-house photographer leaves you at risk for errors and a delay in completion. When choosing an outsourcing product photography team, look for one that has transparent ordering and offers a clear tracking system that allows you to track all progress online. You will never have to worry about missing a deadline. A professional product photography service will make sure that you can report when your images will be ready, and where they are right now.

While an in-house photographer can edit your photos, they are often busy with several projects and you’ll have to wait for edits. Not to mention if editing isn’t their strongest trait the photo will need to be revised several times.

With an E-Commerce photography service, they can take the photo right the first time with quality photographers, settings, and backdrops. With a larger photography team that will never get bogged down in projects, an outsourced photography team can focus on your product until the project is completed to your satisfaction within your projected time frame.

Provide Professional Service With Low Photography Cost

The professionals understand that your product line expands going into the summer season and want to give you the opportunity to have every item photographed. You can choose any background, and as many backgrounds, as you like. 

This is a huge opportunity to save a ton of money! Choose the textures and colors that you want and getting each product set up with a unique and individual backdrop. Have multiple items on the same texture if you find one you love or switch it up for each of your items if you find multiple backgrounds you want to include.

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