Great Tips for Your E-Commerce Photos

Great Tips for Your E-Commerce Photos

Keep reading to learn how to present your products by different background, and how to add props to your photos.

Using a White Background to Enhance Your Product

With a white background, there is no chance that the setting of your product will overpower the product itself – no busy backdrops to distract potential customers. Your client sees exactly what you’re offering. It’s worth considering where you intend to use the final image to sell your product. If your company website is focusing on a brand of clean, uncluttered and modern feelings, a white background is a timeless classic. If you will eventually sell your product through a third-party site, it’s important to realize that Amazon is the largest user of white background product photographs. Scrolling through the items available on Amazon, it’s clear to see the value behind a white background as you’re set to sell your product on the world’s largest online marketplace.

Using a white background is a fantastic opportunity to ensure your product looks neat and that the lines in your image remain clean. It may seem boring, but it creates a clear image that promises quality, professionalism, and attention to detail in a product. The brightening needed for a white background photo allows for more features of your product to be highlighted, giving the customer a well-rounded impression of your product. With a white background, there is no chance of the setting of your product will overpower the product itself – no busy backdrops to distract your potential customers. Your client sees exactly what you’re offering

When taking a white background photo, it’s important to make sure that the product is well lit, and all edges are highlighted appropriately. It’s considerably harder than it seems to take a high-quality white background product photograph, which is why most professional E-Commerce photography companies can assist you in producing quality photos that are well lit and brightened so your product looks its absolute best, no matter where you choose to feature it.

The Importance of Color Matching

Whether you want the product placed on a solid white background, or set in a scene to demonstrate its use, you need to ensure the colors always match the product. A staggering amount of returns are simply because the customer didn’t feel the item was accurately depicted and they didn’t get what they were promised. Turn those returns into a loyal customer base by ensuring all photos have color matching.

True color is a color that matches the product exactly.  Not too dark, not too light – what you see is the final product in its exact color.  When a customer is guaranteed true color, they know they’ll be getting exactly what they want.  Immediately this builds trust with the customer and a positive brand image.  Knowing they’ll always get what they want in terms of color quality will bring your customers back to your company again and again. 

There is nothing more disappointing as a customer than getting the product and finding it isn’t the same color as shown in the ad.  Even a few hues of difference can send a customer running for the returns section. Your clients rely on photos to be able to tell them a lot about your product. From shape to color, the customer expects to receive exactly what they see in the image representing the product. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that the photo depicts your product exactly as it is, with true to piece colors. It has been reported that over 22% of returns are because of false colors. It is recommended by product photography companies that you use 14-bit depth cameras that capture an extra wide range of the color scale.

Boost Your Sales and Skillful Color Techniques

Color is a universal language, so let your products talking! Ask anyone; green means go, and red means stop. Numerous studies have shown that certain colors evoke specific emotions, and you can use this knowledge to bring sales through the roof! So we should emphasize the importance of color match photography techniques.

Changing up the background color instantly allows you to stand out in a monotone flood online. Command authority, communicate a sleek and sexy design, or put a cozy and comforting feel to your products all by simply changing the background color! Show that your products and company have energy and enthusiasm by making this simple change!

When setting up to sell your products, it’s important to find smart and subtle ways to catch your customers’ attention. A photo is more than just your product on display; it’s a way for customers to imagine using it. Whether it’s through the use of props or through strategic placement in a dynamic setting or colorful background, there are endless options to make your product pop. Using a little creativity goes a long way.

Choosing the perfect gift for someone can be the best part of gift giving.  Making your product stand out to the eyes of gift givers is the best way to ensure that your product ends up in the gift bag.  The simplest way to make your product pop is by putting it on a vibrant and colorful background.  The contrasting colors will make your products, the potential gifts, look so much more dynamic. 

A photo or advertisement with a colorful background immediately draws the attention of the reader.  Once their attention is grabbed, they linger on the photo, making sure they remember your product.  With a colorful background, you can add more elements of shading and contrast to the photo.  Offering a strong contrast will allow your product to “pop” off the backdrop instead of blending into it. Take a moment to consider your product; the colors, the textures, the shapes; and what kind of background would really make it pop. Setting the scene for your product allows potential buyers to see it as a gift. 

Taking photos of food can be difficult – it’s hard to convey the amazing smells, the juicy appearance, or the delicious taste in a simple picture. That’s why the color is so important to a food product photo.  A bright, colorful photo can convey a lot about the food, and with a high-resolution camera you can bring out every detail into your product.  While a simple photo of a mug of coffee on a white background will certainly make your customers think of a cup of coffee, a photo with the mug on a colorful background with steam rising from the top will make your customer want to drink it. 

Take a moment to think about any photo of food you’ve seen. The most mouthwatering aren’t on a plain white background; they’re on something really dynamic.  Either vibrant colors or a nice setting can take up the negative space around the focal point.  A background isn’t a drastic change in the process of taking the photo, but it will make a drastic change in how your product looks and is sold. 

Adding Accessories to Your Photos

While a photo of a product on a plain white background can convey the message pretty clearly, it is just so boring. A page of plain images on white backgrounds won’t draw the attention of customers, who will likely end up just skimming over the page waiting for something to catch their eye. Many businesses think that their product will speak for itself, but in the design world, potential customers need to see these products in an inspiring light. Putting on a beautiful bracelet isn’t just for the bracelet itself, it’s for the statement it will make to the world, and no one wants their state to be boring.

When staging your item for a photo, consider forgoing the plain white background and choose to come up with something more dynamic and relevant to your product.  Adding accessories to your photos should always be a great photography tip for eCommerce sellers. A bohemian ring with decorative seashells would stand out even more if it was placed next to a few real seashells and some sand to really round out the statement it’s trying to make. Consider hanging the matching necklace in the background off a piece of coral to tie the whole photo together. By adding dynamic levels and backgrounds to your photo you can transport the customer into a reality where they wear your designs. 

Of course, if you feature the ring and, in the background, hang the matching necklace, odds are you’ll sell both at the same time. These additional sales don’t need to be with matching products, but consider which of your products would pair well together in a photo or ad. Once you have a concept in which you can feature a few of your products in a dynamic way, contact an E-Commerce Photography Service that can help you realize this vision with their thousands of backgrounds and customization options. 

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