Elevate Your eCommerce With PENCIL ONE's eCommerce Photography Services

Elevate your eCommerce with PENCIL ONE's professional photography services. From standard high-resolution images to advanced 360-degree views, we offer tailored solutions to showcase your products in their best light. Boost your online presence and outshine competitors with our Standard, Value-Added, and Full Professional packages. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Elevate Your eCommerce With PENCIL ONE's eCommerce Photography Services

PENCIL ONE offers a range of e-commerce product photography services designed to enhance the appeal of your business to your customers and stand out from the competition. Customers want high resolution, studio-quality photography that showcases your products in the best possible light. PENCIL ONE offers three levels of services to all eCommerce sellers.

Standard Product Photography Services

PENCIL ONE’s standard eCommerce photography services provide you with the support that you need to showcase the very best that your e-commerce business has to offer. The standard service includes professional product photos on a white background, as well as image editing services, such as background removal, product defect removal, and color correction.

Here are some samples of the white background product photography for various product categories:

Professional photo services have many advantages over in-house efforts. For starters, you get a portfolio of photos that are consistent across products and projects, including consistency in angles, staging, and layout, allowing you to create a visually appealing website. The white background permits customers to focus exclusively on the products that you would like to sell, rather than superfluous features in the background. Professional photos also come in high resolution and faithfully recreate real-life colors in digital format. Customers can get an accurate sense of what the product will look like when they eventually receive it.

Product images from PENCIL ONE also come in accessible formats that are easily incorporated into websites and suitable for online marketplaces. Convenient formatting saves businesses time and money, reducing the cost of implementation.

Finally, by building a portfolio of marketplace-approved product photographs, you have the means to sell products across a range of online marketplaces and customer websites.

Value-Added e-Commerce Product Photography Services

The purpose of PENCIL ONE’s Value-added Services is to provide you with additional support when required to meet your specific needs. Often you need a range of complementary skills and props, besides a photographer, to get the perfect shot.

Apparel photography may require “invisible” mannequins which later need to be edited out of the photo. Clothes sellers often need to give clothes volume without the distraction of models. Here is a sample of the ghost mannequin product photography for clothing product: Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photography

Food photography may require the services of a food stylist - somebody with the skills to arrange food in an aesthetically preferable way.

Pet products may require the use of a pet model - an animal who is trained to remain still during the photography session.

Group product photography requires somebody with the skills to design appealing product layouts. Here are some samples of the group product photography for various product categories:

  1. Catalog Photos for Clothing 
  2. Group Photos for Personal Care Products
  3. Group Products Photography for Cosmetics

Over-sized industrial equipment photography may require the stitching of many individual images together to create the perfect shot. Angles that include the entire object can be hard to achieve.

More complicated product photos may require creative use of props. These setups require the services of an experienced stylist - a person who can bring an entire ensemble together in an entertaining and visually-stimulating way.

Some e-Commerce sites need functional product photos: photos that show how a product works and what it’s designed to do. These photos need people who both understand how the product works, and how to arrange shots, so that product functionality is clear to the customer. If you want to learn a bit more about the human-touch photography, feel free to read this blog post to learn 4 Ways Functional Photos Transform eCommerce: Boost Sales and Reduce Returns

Human-touch product photography may involve the use of professional models and makeup artists. Here are some samples of the Human-Touch product photography for various product categories:

  1. Hand Model Pics for Beauty Tools
  2. Hands-on Toy Image

Using value-added services offers a host of benefits to your company. The main advantage is that your photos will stand out from your competitors. Not only will the photography be beautiful, but it will also allow you to show off the function and features of your products in a way that your competitors do not.

Furthermore, using bespoke photography services allows you to build a better brand and attract more attention on social media - something which is becoming more visual with each passing year. Potential buyers can interact with your photos, enhancing brand awareness and building your subscriber base.

Your marketing may benefit too. When you put a photo on social media, a banner advertisement or AdRoll, high-quality photography can enhance click rates and boost conversions.

Finally, many online stores use email marketing to build their brands. Professional product photography in emails can make email marketing more effective, enhancing click-through rates.

Full Professional Product Photography Services

PENCIL ONE's full professional product photography services include all of the features of the Basic and Value-added packages, but with some additional extras, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding e-commerce websites.

The Full Service includes 360-degree photography for niche applications. 360-degree product photography is ideal when you want to create a method that allows customers to view a product from multiple angles. Retailers in the motor and bicycle industries commonly use this kind of product photography, but any industry in which the aesthetics of a product are paramount can apply it. When customers reach the product page, they can pan around the image of the product, viewing it from the front, side, and rear, as if they were walking around it themselves. 360-degree photography relies on consistency and accurate camera positioning.

The Full Service also includes onsite photography: the ability to take photos at a particular location which is relevant to the company. Putting product images in context can help customers choose what to buy and can also show off a company’s assets.

Customized product photos, such as those included in the Full Service, are ideal for when your business has a specific need or niche that it would like to fill. PENCIL ONE prides itself on the quality of its customer service and can make a customized photography plan based on your criteria.


We understand that choosing a product photography service can be tricky. It is for this reason that we promise 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. PENCIL ONE will work with you to define your situation, and choose the appropriate service level for your circumstances, whether it's basic white background product photos or 360-degree product shots for an interactive website.

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