5 Ways to Increase the Quality of Your Product Photo

Discover 5 essential strategies to enhance your product photography, from achieving consistency and customer loyalty to mastering lighting and reflection control, ensuring your product stands out in the competitive eCommerce space.
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A customer that sees consistency and fluidity on a webpage and with items is more likely to become a repeat customer.

Consistency is the Key to Customer Loyalty

Photo-consistency should be always listed on the top three of photography tips. Whereas a handful of images that are all different are hard to follow as part of a brand. Keeping the angles and lights consistent allows a customer to see they’ll be getting the same quality as any product they purchase from you. Once you gain the trust and loyalty of a customer through consistent and fluid image marketing, it will become easier to sell more products to them. The customer wants to know that your product is consistently above average and is of good quality, something that will be shown inconsistent images.

Light Your Way to Better Sales

Light shows the true color of your product

When photographing in true color, consider how the light will affect the image. Light plays a big role in highlighting the colors of a product, as it gives the item a chance to shine. Darker items may need a brighter spotlight to make them really pop on the background, or a vibrant colorful product could use a softer light to really demonstrate its vivacity.

The vibrancy of your photos is key to drawing your customer’s eyes. Bright, well-lit photos will highlight all the colors and help you avoid a washed out look. A photo that appears washed out will lead your clients to believe your product is washed out, dull, and aged. By using quality lighting, and boosting the colors in your photo were able to bring out the true colors of your product for your clients to enjoy.

Avoid using too many pastels or soft colors without a focal point, where a soft hue may be lost in the photo. However, with professional lightning technique, please make sure that any color, bold or soft, matches your items perfectly. Be proud that your customers will look at a photo of your item and see the exact true color and not some washed out the image that does it no justice. 

Lights and shadows show all the features of your product

It may seem obvious that proper lighting can deeply affect how a customer perceives your product. However, proper lighting goes beyond a spotlight on your item. One flat spotlight will be inconsistent, it won’t be able to cast the right shadows on important features to really draw the customers eye to them. A customer needs to see all the features of a product, something with intricate and detailed shadows from a well-lit product will make it pop off the page and catch the eye of every potential customer. Without these highlights and shadows from multiple light sources, your customers will see a two-dimensional, flat product.

Without the sharpness of being well lit, every product will seem dull, boring, and won't represent the ideal colors of the product. Product Photography Company considers the true colors of your product and finds the best way to show them off.  They will use two or more images combined if the primary lighting in one doesn’t offer the best representation of your product. They always make sure to use several light sources to ensure your product pops right out of the image. 

Reflection Control

An overly shiny product needs reflection control.

Reflection control is one of the most important photography skills. While it’s tempting to make everything seem shiny and new, those beautiful shiny products already pop off the page. It’s important to consider how that shine is conveyed in an image – too much and you’ll lose the detail and sharpness to the product, too little and it seems dull. For too much shine, Professional product Photography Company offers reflection control. Keeping those reflective areas vibrant and controlled so your product gleams with precision. They also control what you can see in the reflection on your product.

A smallest-sized product needs reflection control

Your best-selling, highest-priced items are often your smallest-sized products. A ring, necklace, earrings, or other sparkling item deserves to be displayed in a way that will “wow” customers.

Providing poor product photography of your jewelry can instantly lose potential sales by creating a listing that makes your products appear unappealing. By using the wrong angles, a ring, diamond, or other stone may look much smaller than it really is. Using the correct lighting is also critical to the sale process; a diamond needs to sparkle and silver needs to proudly gleam.

Oftentimes, product Photography Company uses professional techniques to capture a ring of any size with their reflection photography, your item will appear even larger and more luxurious than you could have imagined.

When viewing a product with a reflection, a customer subconsciously feels like the product is even larger than expected because each image appears to be “doubled”. They then choose custom lighting setups to produce products that belong on the Red Carpet. Even your diamond’s reflection will be sparkling!

Their reflection product photographs will literally leave your customers breathless. Their professional photography teams make each of your items look huge! Watch the difference in customer interaction once your new photos are used for your product listings. Customers will instantly value and desire the items they crafted into a high-class display of your company.

A Clean Shot Means Quality

It often gets overlooked to double or triple check the quality of a photo after editing, leading to devastating photoshop errors being published. It is of the utmost importance that every image is quality checked to ensure there are no defects in the image that would cause damage to your customers’ views. For every single one of our photos, Product Photography Company will retouch them several times to ensure the highest quality of standard is met before a product manager, who strives to never let a mistake leave for print, assesses the photo.

Refining the Edges makes Your Product Perfect

When it comes to photographing a product, it's important that the item is clear, sharp and in focus. The best way to ensure a quality photo it to make sure the edges are clear and defined. When the edges of an item are fuzzy or unclear, whether it be because the package is crinkled, the way its designed, or because of what it’s made from - a fabric product will always have fuzzy edges - the customer sees something unclear. With a simple edit, just cleaning around the image to give it a sharp edge, your item becomes neat and clean to the consumer.

An item that has fuzzy, ill-defined edges, or is creased becomes hard to value for the customer. They see something that's worn or used, which comes across as cheaply made. While we all know that nothing has a smooth, perfect edge up close when it comes to seeing a photo of one we want to see defined edges that mark quality. Customers want the newest item, meaning a product with no flaws. Without those clean lines, a customer may see a poorly made product and take their business elsewhere. 

Using photo altering technology to refine the edges and remove any fluff or uneven edges is part of standard altering of many professional product photography companies. However, it isn’t uncommon for in-house photographers to go a bit further. Some choose to alter the image by shaping the product into something they feel will be more desirable for their customers. While this technique may seem to make sense, it is essentially lying to your customers about how your product looks and feels. A customer who feels lied to about an item will not be back to buy again, so be honest. Be sure to stay true to the original shape of your product so your customer always knows exactly what they are getting. 

While staying true to your product, it is inevitable to have to touch up a photo. Due to population, there is no exact way a photo could give you a fully perfect rendering of your product. These imperfect edges lead to a less focused image of your items, but can easily be solved by minor touch-ups at the smallest level of pixelation. Professional product Photography Companies take their photos with the highest quality so they don't have to edit as much. They then go in and re-touch those edges with fierce precision to make sure that the image is the best representation of your product. A photo always has imperfect edges, but they want your pictures to come out as ideal as possible. While fully changing the image to make your product look different is definitely not the kind of alteration you want to be done, they assure you that the slightest touch-ups to make your product smooth and perfect, while still remaining true, is worth it.

Professional product Photography Companies make sure that every product has perfect edges. They smooth and polish the edges of any item, whether it be a knitted hat and scarf combo or a soft plush elephant for a child; they make sure everything has elegant edges to demonstrate quality.  

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