5 Ways to Market Your Product

5 Ways to Market Your Product

Today’s customer puts the value on uniqueness, but also on the validity of a brand and their product.

Show Authenticity

Today’s customer puts the value on uniqueness, but also on the validity of a brand and their product. The value of honesty in advertising needs to be addressed. A photo that is true to the product may seem like a fairly simple concept, but its value can be innumerable.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

While the idea might be to really pump up your product with photoshop and filters to draw everyone’s eyes, to show something unbelievable to start a conversation, this method won’t keep your customers coming back. You’ll find that a client who feels cheated by an altered image of a product will take a lot more effort to win back than selling to a new customer. The mentality might be that the newer customer is better, but a client who ordered once and began trusting your brand will order more the second time or will buy some for a friend.

The word of mouth will benefit your business much more than just the new customers. All these benefits over how much truth you put in your product photos. A company must understand that a loyal customer is worth triple that of a new customer, by setting a standard of trust and honesty you open yourself to more loyal customers.

Keep Your Return Rate Low

When you find your return rates are getting high, take a moment to think about the photos of your products. Are the images exaggerated, boasting more than your product offers? Perhaps they are enhanced to make the colors extra-vibrant and the edges photoshopped to the smoothest possible shape.

A photo that is true to the product is one that will keep your return rates low. You’ll find that those bright, over exaggerated photos may seem to draw the eye more, but they won’t keep your return rate low. A customer that receives exactly what they saw advertised is much less likely to return the product, not to mention will build a feeling of trust with your brand.

Honesty in advertising keeps a channel of trust and communication with your customers. With a clear and truthful image, you’ll find return customers increasing and returned products decreasing. So ditch the idea of making your photos unbelievable, and make them true.

Show Logo

Having a logo as a business is absolutely fundamental.  Not only does it identify you as a brand, but it also catches the attention of potential clients.  A proper logo will stick to your client’s memory and draw them to your products time and time again.  A logo is what anchors the company’s brand and makes the face of the company.  A well-displayed logo can make a big difference in distinguishing you from other competitors. 

When photographing your product, it is imperative that your brand logo be visible. Displaying that logo on your product will make people more familiar with your brand, and when seen enough they will begin to remember. The more clients that see your logo means more opportunities to occupy more market space. Ensuring the logo is visible in at least one part of the display or photo of your product will have extremely beneficial results. 


Consider any logos you can think of. High-end cars, computer, and phone developers, or a brand name purse – all of these have highly memorable logos that can easily be brought to mind because you see them so often. The power of the logo is unfathomable. Any business that wants to stay in business will have a logo to fortify its brand. Having a logo and ensuring it is displayed properly will drive the development and product sales of your company.

Show Features

While it is certainly the first look at a product that will catch the potential customer’s eye, it is the features of a product that will finalize the sale.  A customer looking for a new dining table might like the bright, vibrant color of the product, but once the customer sees that the table can be extended to fit even more of their family they will be motivated to buy it.  Making these features obvious to potential clients will drive them to buy the product.

It will be apparent that not all your clients care about the same features.  Some will want extendable dining tables; others will want a large reclining sofa with drink holders and a hidden console.  While not all clients will want every feature in your product, it’s important to display every single feature.  You never know which feature will be the selling point for your clients, so ensuring everything is visible in your products photos is the best strategy to boost your sales. 

A professional eCommerce photography company can help you show more features in the same number of product photos for eCommerce. Getting the best angle and shots of your product at full functionality will help convince your customers you have the best products, and doing it in the same number of photos will save your company money.

Show a Full Image Gallery

If you wanted to purchase a new house but you could only view a picture of the front door before making a decision, would you buy it? Definitely not! A single picture of the front door doesn’t tell you anything about what’s inside the home. It might have a beautiful door but could contain terrible water damage, mold, bugs, or other unknown horrors inside. Real estate offices would go out of business if they were forced only to show a single image on their listings to potential buyers. It’s obvious that a buyer needs to see in-depth photos determine if a house is worth investing in. The question now is: why do you think you can make sales from only listing a single photo of your products?

Consumers love to know all about the items, services, and products they are spending money on. Not only do they pour over the available information and photos, they share those images with their friends if they like what they see. Only listing one image for each of your items is killing your potential income! You need to provide a buyer with a complete visual tour of your wonderful product. By seeing every angle and vantage point, customers will be excited to make new purchases with your company. A grainy or blurry photo is easy to ignore when shopping online; you only have mere seconds to grab the attention of a viewer before they scroll past you forever. The product photography company provides high-quality photo package service to leave customers obsessing over their new purchase. They grab their attention with their professional cover image and then get them excited with full photo broadcast of all the items you offer. They allow customers to visually imagine if they already had your product in their life, and that quickly seals the deal when they realize they need to hold the amazing item they have been viewing in detail.

The product photography company creates sophisticated product listings regardless of item size. They capture everything from small jewelry items to vehicles and large recreational products. Every product needs to feature a full image gallery from every angle, with all the details perfectly captured. Build trust with customers by showing them everything about your products! Stop losing out on potential sales!

Show Balance Between Aesthetic and Simplicity

A photo is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean it needs to have a thousand things in the photo. When you’re looking to highlight a great new technology-based product, you want the image to be straightforward, and clean cut. Technology has been moving more and more towards streamlined and esthetically fluid, so the photos of your product should reflect that as well. 


Finding a balance between esthetics and simplicity can be a tricky thing, but when done correctly you’ll find your clients flocking to you.  The best sales tactic is to really show your customers, in the most effective way possible, what your product looks like.  The sleekness of an esthetically simple photo will draw the eye from a busy page straight to your product.

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