Levi's Easy Product Photography Ideas

The article highlights American Eagle Outfitters' product photography methods, emphasizing models for product photography, model product photography, product photography with models, and flat lay clothing photography. These preferred techniques showcase the brand's casual style. For more creative clothing photography ideas, refer to "Clothing Product Photography Samples" or share your brand for a complimentary analysis.
Levi's Easy Product Photography Ideas

Levi's easy product photography ideas are the focus of this article, detailing Levi's stature in the clothing sector and its key consumer base. eCommerce businesses with a similar target audience will find this article beneficial. It addresses challenges such as the lack of creative photography ideas and outdated shooting techniques. By reading, eCommerce sellers can find samples and inspiration for product presentation. The article primarily showcases Levi's favored methods of product photography. For those interested in a broader array of clothing product photography ideas, two options are available: a) "Clothing Product Photography Samples" contains a wealth of inspiration; b) Share your brand of interest with us for a complimentary analysis. We will next elaborate on 4 classic photography styles used by Levi's, complete with sample images for readers to emulate, collect, and reference. These 4 classic photography styles used by Levi's are 1) Photo Shooting Style 1:  model product photography; 2) Photo Shooting Style 2: product photography with models; 3) Photo Shooting Style 3: ghost mannequin; 4) Photo Shooting Style 4: flat lay clothing photography.

Photo Shooting Style 1: Model Product Photography

Model product photography involves capturing clothing items on live models, showcasing how the garments fit and move on a real person. This style provides a realistic view of the product, helping customers visualize how the clothing will look on them. The setting for these photos often includes simple, neutral backgrounds or natural environments that don't distract from the clothing.


  • Lighting: Bright and even lighting to highlight the details of the clothing.
  • Background: Simple or natural settings that keep the focus on the model and the apparel.
  • Composition: Full-body shots, close-ups, and various angles to showcase fit and details.

Benefits for Levi's:

  • Enhances the product's appeal by showing it in a real-world context.
  • Helps convey Levi's brand ethos of casual, everyday wear.
  • Increases customer engagement by providing a realistic perspective of how the clothing will look and fit.

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Photo Shooting Style 2: Product Photography with Models

Product photography with models focuses on the clothing items being worn in a way that highlights the product rather than the model. The emphasis is on the clothing’s features, such as texture, fit, and style, often with the model in poses that best showcase these aspects.


  • Lighting: Controlled lighting to emphasize the product’s quality and details.
  • Background: Neutral backgrounds or minimalistic settings to draw attention to the clothing.
  • Composition: Poses that accentuate the garment’s design and functionality.

Benefits for Levi's:

  • Highlights the unique features and quality of Levi's products.
  • Reinforces Levi's reputation for stylish and practical apparel.
  • Provides clear and detailed visuals that can enhance the shopping experience.

Photo Shooting Style 3: Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin photography involves photographing clothing on a mannequin, which is then edited out, creating a “ghost” effect. This style allows the garment to maintain its shape and structure, providing a clear view of the product as if it were floating in space.


  • Lighting: Bright and even to ensure all details are visible.
  • Background: Pure white or light-colored backgrounds to keep the focus on the product.
  • Composition: 360-degree views to showcase every angle and detail of the garment.

Benefits for Levi's:

  • Offers a clean and professional presentation of Levi's products.
  • Helps customers understand the fit and structure of the clothing.
  • Enhances the visual appeal of the product in eCommerce platforms.

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Photo Shooting Style 4: Flat Lay Clothing Photography

Flat lay clothing photography involves laying garments flat on a surface and photographing them from above. This method is excellent for showcasing multiple items together, providing a cohesive look at an outfit or collection.


  • Lighting: Soft and even to avoid harsh shadows and highlight details.
  • Background: Neutral surfaces like white or wooden tables to complement the clothing.
  • Composition: Arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner to highlight the overall look and individual details.

Benefits for Levi's:

  • Allows for creative and stylish presentations of Levi's collections.
  • Makes it easy to showcase outfit combinations and accessories.
  • Provides clear, detailed images that can enhance online shopping experiences.

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This article highlights four key photography styles used by Levi's: model product photography, product photography with models, ghost mannequin, and flat lay clothing photography. These methods are specifically favored by Levi's to enhance their product presentation. For those seeking additional creative ideas, "Clothing Product Photography Samples" offers extensive inspiration, or you can share your brand for a complimentary analysis.


Photo Source: www.levi.com

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