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Catalog photos for clothing

Catalog photos for clothing

10 Photos/Pack
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Beyond websites, catalog photos are prominently featured on various other platforms:
  1. Social Media Marketing: Brands leverage catalog photos on social media platforms to engage with their audience. High-quality images are shared to attract attention, showcase products, and drive traffic to the e-commerce site. These photos are essential for campaigns, advertisements, and regular posts to keep the audience informed and interested.
  2. Email Marketing: Catalog photos play a crucial role in email marketing campaigns, especially for announcing new product launches, special promotions, or seasonal collections. The visual appeal of these photos can significantly increase the click-through rates of emails, driving customers to the website.
  3. Online Advertisements: E-commerce businesses use catalog photos in their online ads to capture the viewer's attention quickly. Whether it's display ads, retargeting ads, or sponsored content, high-quality product images help make these ads more effective and conversion-driven.
  4. Secondary photo of the product listing. Catalog photos can also be used as secondary photos, beyond the main product image. They serve to inform potential customers about the product line to which the item they are viewing belongs. By showcasing other products in the same line with different colors, patterns, and designs, these secondary photos stimulate customers' desire to purchase and promote sales.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Shipping Free?

Free delivery on all orders! We offer this service to all our UK mainland customers.Of course we can deliver to areas outside of the UK mainland, but we do required a small extra charge. Please contact us and we're be happy provide a price!

Do you return products after photographed?

YES, we do. We recommend to pack a prepaid return shipping label in the package when you ship your product to us. You can leave the products to us to save the return shipping cost, or we can keep it an extended amount of time for future shoots if desired as a prop.

If we have large products, can you photograph them?

YES, we have a container loading dock, and roll up door to receive your products.

When will my my photo be ready?

Once we receive your products, we will open the package and prepare for shooting in the same day. After preparation, shooting and image editing usually take up to 7 business days. We aim for a 3-5 day turnover. Some products need assembly or restoration. We also have rush speed service with a little additional cost.

Do you take high resolution photos? What format are they?

Yes, all of our photos are high resolution, at 300dpi. You will get JPEG photo file, and free TIFF file is available upon request.